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The goal of The Energy Blueprint is to help individuals struggling with fatigue — whether it be chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, or general lack of energy — to dramatically increase their energy levels, improve their health, and start thriving instead of just surviving.

Here’s how we add value first to your audience…

We offer powerful free virtual events such as video trainings and webinars and free books designed to help people succeed in overcoming fatigue and dramatically enhancing their health. These amazing free trainings leave people with a thirst for more and convert into our paid programs.

To make these simple to share, we’ve created pre-written email templates and banners ready for you to introduce these free events to your audience.

Our flagship product – The Energy Blueprint – has been bought by people all over the world and has already transformed the lives of thousands of people. (We get testimonials every day from people thanking us for how we’ve changed their lives.)  Thousands of individuals worldwide are currently using Energy Blueprint Programs to take their health and energy to new heights.


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Here are the top 7 reasons people partner with us…

  • Outstanding products that are amazingly effective and produce results for your followers (highest quality, evidence-based and proven energy enhancement training system from #1 bestselling author and functional nutrition/lifestyle expert Ari Whitten and many other experts)
  • Raving fan client experience
  • Unconditional money back guarantee (30 days)
  • Proven track record (our most recent launch of The Energy Blueprint did over $950,000
  • High content, high value free trainings with a well-defined and proven pre and post sales funnel to optimize your commission payouts
  • Very high EPC ($3 up to $8 EPC for many partners)
  • You earn 50% of the sales you make

Target Markets:

The numbers show…your client and prospect lists will be highly-responsive to this program and this campaign. For example, here are some of the characteristics from over 6,800 previous buyers of The Energy Blueprint:

  • Individuals wanting to overcome their fatigue and energy issues (and people interested in health, generally)
  • Clients or members who have purchased your specialized training but haven’t been able breakthrough and achieve what they’re capable of with your program
  • Clients or members who have seen doctors about their fatigue but haven’t seen the improvements they’re looking for
  • Anyone wanting to take their knowledge of health and the science of energy levels to new heights
  • People who have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia
  • Anyone who wants to overcome fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to massively increase their energy levels and operate at their peak levels of energy, vitality and performance

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