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Order More and Earn Higher Dollar Value Vouchers

During this promotion, when you spend over $300 (on courses and/or supplements combined), you earn an additional $100 voucher to be used for future supplement purchases.

Spend over $600 and your voucher value skyrockets to $225.

Spend over $1,200 and earn a $450 voucher!

Vouchers earned will be good through August 2024.

You will receive your personal voucher via email during the first week of February 2024. We will send you reminders to use your voucher until it’s used so you don’t miss out.

Remember that in order to avoid going out of stock, all supplement sales during this promotion (Jan 24th – Jan 30th) will be shipped mid March to latest March 30th.

Question: What’s the purpose of these vouchers?
Answer: The voucher is to reward you for participating in this Black Friday in January promotion. The voucher allows you to get another significant discount when applying the voucher to a future purchase of supplements.

Question: How much do I need to spend to activate the voucher since the voucher is for future purchases? 
Answer: When you are ready to utilize your voucher, a $100 Voucher can be applied when spending $300 or more. A $225 voucher can be applied when spending $600 or more and a $450 voucher can be applied when spending $1,200 or more. 

Question: How long is the voucher good for and can it be used multiple times?
Answer: Your personal voucher is good for 1 time use only but it is good through August 31, 2024. Your personal voucher will be sent to you in the first week of February via email. We will continue to remind you via email to use your voucher until it’s used so that you don’t miss out. 

Question: When I purchase a subscription, I understand that the product won’t be shipped until March 30th, but will I be billed each month, February and March, before getting my first shipment?
Answer:  No you will not be charged in February or March if you purchase a subscription during this promotion. Your next subscription charge will happen in April 2024 which is the first month after we are able to ship your product to you in March. 

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