Supercharge Your Energy, Hyper-Oxygenate Your Cells, and Re-Wire Your Nervous System Out of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Mode – with The Hidden Key to Optimal Health...

If you’ve been struggling with low energy levels that are quietly sabotaging every area of your life…

Suffering from brain fog, depression, or chronic anxiety…

It’s time to get these issues handled and take control of your life once and for all.

One of the least well-known (you could say “secret”) things within medical science is that the MAJORITY of people (9 out of 10) have DYSFUNCTIONAL breathing habits that have been ingrained by chronic stress… 

Which is SABOTAGING their energy levels and causing chronic stress/anxiety — day in, day out, with every breath they take.

This is a MAJOR key to taking control of your energy, health, longevity, and mood. (And so few even realize they have any problem with their breathing!)

I’ve partnered with world-leading breathing expert Patrick McKeown (author of The Oxygen Advantage) to bring you the most powerful breathwork training system for increasing energy levels ever developed.

This is the most comprehensive compilation of the most cutting-edge breathing science in existence. And it’s 100% guaranteed to get you REAL results that LAST.

After just 8 weeks following the Breathing For Energy Program, you will:

  • Have a 10-minute daily practice that powerfully builds your mitochondria (this is the single fastest way to increase energy levels I’ve found in over 25 years)
  • Rewire your AUTOMATIC/NON-CONSCIOUS breathing pattern to deliver more oxygen to your cells every moment of every day, with every breath you take. (More O2 = More Energy!)
  • Be armed with powerful breathing hacks to decrease anxiety (the single fastest way to rid your body and brain of anxiety EVER discovered)
  • Powerfully boost your immune function (breathing the right way is a huge key to optimal immune function — which is critical right now, for obvious reasons)
  • Learn the 4 keys to optimal breathing (and how to rewire your brain into doing it automatically)
  • Understand why dysfunctional breathing — which over 9 out of 10 people have — is a common cause of brain fog and mood problems (and how improving circulation to your brain with breathing can fix it!)
  • Massively boost your fitness, stamina, endurance, strength, and performance in sports and exercise!
  • Why breathing practices are often the secret key to helping you sleep deeper than you have since you were a kid
  • Specific breathing techniques to change your CO2 threshold, which is the big key to rewire your nervous system out of stress mode and dramatically decrease your anxiety levels 

The Breathing For Energy Program is designed to help you:









There are profound, far-reaching benefits of these practices

And no matter what your current situation is, and personal health goals are, we’ve got you covered!

The breathing for energy program is split into 4 specific tracks:

For people with chronic stress/anxiety.
For those with severe chronic fatigue.
For those with sleep apnea and difficulty sleeping.
For regular healthy people looking to supercharge their energy.

In this program you will get:


Advanced Breathing Science with Ari Whitten
This module will give you a deep dive into the science of how breath training can rewire your physiology.

What you’ll learn:

  • The 4 Keys to Optimal Breathing
  • How to take control of your internal levels of CO2, NO, and 02 to optimize your moment-to-moment energy, focus, and relaxation
  • Neurological hacks to instantly increase energy, relaxation, or focus
  • How to permanently rewire your brain for energy and focus
  • The 4 steps to rewire your nervous system out of stress mode (with GUIDED practices)
  • Why IHT is the single fastest way to increase your energy I’ve ever discovered (and 6 levels of progressive, fully GUIDED and FUN practices!)


Breathwork for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and Burnout (i.e. for Recovering Energy) with Patrick McKeown
This is a 7-week guided, step-by-step breathwork training program with Patrick McKeown to help you overcome severe fatigue or burnout. It’s all about recovering ENERGY for those with severe chronic fatigue.

What you get:

  • Tools to rewire your brain and nervous system how to breathe properly, and will reset your CO2 threshold and super-oxygenate your cells to have more energy than you’ve had in years!
  • A 7-week progressive and GENTLE program specifically designed for those with severe fatigue and ME/CFS
  • Tools to re-train your automatic breathing habits
  • You’ll get one new module every week to gently progress from the previous week
  • Step-by-step training videos with fully guided practices to teach you through the exercises, so you can overcome fatigue and get your energy back!


Breathwork For Insomnia, Snoring And Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Patrick McKeown
This module is designed to help you massively improve your sleep, overcome insomnia and eliminate snoring.

What you get:

  • Specific training system with fully guided practices to open your airways and breathe deeply
  • Program Builder sheet to help you build the program that fits your needs
  • Hacks to help you eliminate snoring and improve your sleep, so you can sleep deeper than you have since you were a kid


Breathwork For Anxiety And Panic Disorder with Patrick McKeown
This module is designed to help you lower stress and stop anxiety and panic attacks.

What you get:

  • Step by step training videos and audios to guide you through the exercises to rewire your brain and nervous out of chronic stress/anxiety mode
  • Eliminate negative thinking and entrain the brain into relaxation as your new baseline state
  • Program Builder sheet to help you build the program that fits your needs, at your specific level
  • Practices and hacks to retrain your automatic breathing habits and reset your CO2 threshold to squash anxiety


Invincible Breathing For Mental And Physical Performance with Patrick McKeown

This module is designed to help you take your energy and performance to the next level.

What you get:

  • Step-by-step training videos and audios to guide you through the exercises to profoundly improve your fitness, endurance, and stamina
  • Program Builder sheet to help you build the program that fits your needs
  • Tools to help you boost your performance


6 LEVELS of Progressive, Advanced Guided Intermittent Hypoxia Training Practices
In this module, you will learn how to take your breathing to a whole new level through progressive ІНТ.

What you get:

  • FUN, fully-guided, follow-along DAILY practices with video and music.
  • A full progression of 6 levels from 15 second breath holds up to 3 full minutes and beyond
    (From severe chronic fatigue to young fit athletes)


ELITE-Level, 20-30 Minute, Guided IHT Practices to Take You to Navy Seal Level

What you get:

  • Two long 20-30 minute intense level practices that are available to push you to your limits and beyond! (If you wish to get to this level).
  • This is for extreme levels of energy, endurance, lung capacity, and performance.


Powerful, 20-Minute Guided Energizing Breathwork Practice + 20-minute Shamanic/Meditative Breathwork Practice

What you get:

  • One guided practice designed to pump oxygen to your brain for maximal energy to start your day
  • A full, guided breathwork practice that comes out of Shamanic traditions to take you into deep meditative states


Yoga Nidra For Training Your Brain Into Ultra-Deep Relaxation

What you get:

  • TWO fully GUIDED yoga nidra practices I specifically designed for those with anxiety and sleep issues.
  • One full length 20-minute practice
  • One short 10-minute practice
  • The single most powerful practice for taking control of your nervous system and re-training the nervous system and brain how to CONSCIOUSLY relax
  • Re-charges the serotonin and dopamine system of the brain
  • Powerful practice for combatting anxiety
  • Incredible tool for anyone with sleep issues


Advanced Hacks to Pair with IHT

What you get:

  • Specific instruction on COMBINING the daily IHT practices with yogic bandhas
  • Specific guided instruction on combining the daily
    IHT practices with posture exercises to open up the spine, ligaments and fascia to allow for better posture and better breathing (Major posture and pain hack!)

Whatever your personal needs are, just choose your track (or do multiple tracks!)

You’ll see for yourself that it’s packed with life-changing, scientific strategies and ENJOYABLE, sustainable solutions that will help you rewire your brain out of chronic stress mode (i.e. no more anxiety) and build a high energy body!

Breathing For Energy

Here is everything you get when you invest in the program today...

Your Investment $497 $297
(One-Time Payment)

  • 6 self-paced modules presented by Ari Whitten and Patrick McKeown with over 20 hours of video and audio lessons.

VALUE $479

  • 4 world class bonus modules with expert content to take your health the the next level.

VALUE $479

  • Supercharge Your Energy, Hyper-Oxygenate Your Cells, and Re-Wire Your Nervous System Out of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Mode




Payment Plan Available If Needed


Hi, I have the program Breathing For Energy. I love this program and feel a burst of energy and more alert when I do the breathing exercises.


I LOVE this course! I am not new to breathwork, having tried both Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof style breathing over the past 2 years, but I kind of gave up at some point because I could never figure out how to make them work alongside each other, at least in a way that was beneficial to my health. Enter Ari’s program: this is seriously exactly what I had been looking for! (Thank you Ari Whitten!) I now feel confident that I am training my breathing in an appropriate way simply by following the core 12-week plan in Ari’s program, and already my nervous system feels like it’s gotten a much needed reboot–feeling super calm and focused lately. So grateful for all the hard work you put into the course videos in order to give us the necessary understanding of how this training affects the body and why.


I have been doing the Breathing For Energy program daily since September. When I first began, my BOLT score was 17. Now it hovers around 42 and is increasing.

Since learning how to breathe through my nose my sleep quality has improved. I’ve also noticed a rapid rise in my energy level once my BOLT score got above 35. Be diligent in your practice of the lessons and you will see results. I know I did. Well worth my investment.


This program has been a wonderful game changer for me although I am no where near through all the lessons as I am going my own pace. In spite of that & the fact I am 70& have struggled with anxiety, energy& sleep issues for decades I am thrilled to report a definite improvement I all 3 areas. I am much more calm, have been able to actually relax & finally have been able to actually benefit from meditation! the Nidra Yoga is very relaxing… I love it. Even though I still am working on sleep issues it too is slowly improving & I definitely notice an increase in energy that I hope will continue to increase.

I am a health practitioner & was doing so much correctly but breathing totally wrong.

I firmly believe anyone who commits to do this program on a regular basis will have a definite improvement in their health. I wish I would have learned these simple but powerful principles years ago. Thank you Ari!


Hi Ari,

I am an avid user of the Breathing for Energy program. The guided sessions are very helpful. They assist in getting the breathing techniques right. When I finish a guided session I have good energy and clarity of thought. Teaming up with Patrick McKeown was a great move. I used Patricks oxygen advantage training program prior to signing up for your program. You and Patrick together took breath training to a new level. Many thanks for putting this program together.

Best, John


The Breathing for Energy program has been a true game changer for me. I’ve learned how to do “light breathing” and I do it pretty much every night before bed and usually also when I wake up in the morning. It has helped tremendously with some very severe insomnia. It has also helped with anxiety and really boosted my mood. I’ve gotten so much from just that one breathing technique that I’ve been neglecting to learn some of the other breathing practices offered in the program. I am looking forward to checking out some of the other modules soon!


Hi I have been using the Breathing for Energy program since September and before that my anxiety was through the roof. I was pleasantly surprised to noticed a change in my anxiety very quickly. My mood has greatly improved as well. I do the exercises each day. If I miss a day I notice a big difference. I feel depressed and anxious. What I like about this program is that it was very fast in noticing changes which I really needed at the time.


Hi Ari,

Just a quick note to tell you how much your breathing program has helped me. Of all the things I’ve tried for sleeping better, the Energy Blueprint has been the best for helping me stay asleep longer. I have asthma (just diagnosed last year at age 73) and I have noticed that I’m not out of breath as quickly when I walk up hills or stairs, and as a bonus, when I was in Maui for my birthday, I was able to hold my breath long enough to hear the migrating whales sing! Your program is filled with incredible information and easy to follow breath work programs to do daily.

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