Can one simple molecule really offer hundreds of health benefits?

Over 2000 studies say YES.

In this live event, Ari will speak with Dr. Tyler LeBaron about breakthrough research on molecular hydrogen, a game-changing “master” antioxidant. It doesn’t work simply as an “antioxidant”—it does something far better. It intelligently regulates your body’s internal antioxidant system.

Hydrogen is barely known by most people, yet over 2,000 studies show profound benefits to human health, including:

[FREE] Live Virtual Event on July 16th at 4:30PM PT / 7:30PM ET
Hosted by: Ari Whitten
Founder of The Energy Blueprint
[FREE] Virtual Event on July 16th at 4:30PM PT / 7:30PM ET

In this LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT, Ari and Tyler will cover:

About Your Presenters

Tyler W. LeBaron (MSc, Ph.D

Tyler W. LeBaron, MSc, Ph.D., is the Founder and Executive Director of the science-based, nonprofit, Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

His background is in biochemistry, physiology, and exercise science. He has taught physiology and currently teaches exercise physiology and chemistry lab classes at Southern Utah University as an adjunct instructor.

He Interned at Nagoya University Japan in the department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell-signaling pathways. Tyler is a director of the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) and the International Molecular Hydrogen Association (IMHA).

He speaks at medical conferences in the US for doctors CMEs/CEUs, and at academic biomedical hydrogen symposia and conferences around the world. Also, he is a member of the Academic Committee of Taishan Institute for Hydrogen Biomedical Research. He collaborates with researchers at home and abroad and helps advance the education, research, and awareness of hydrogen as a potential therapeutic medical gas. 

When not doing research, he is often found training and competing in running and recently as a competitive arm wrestler.

Ari Whitten Ph.D. (Cand.), CES, PES.

Ari Whitten was voted the #1 health influencer of 2020 by the Mindshare natural health community.

He is an energy and fatigue specialist who focuses on taking an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement, a nutrition, exercise and natural health expert, and #1 best-selling author. He has been studying nutrition and holistic health for over 2 decades. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from San Diego State University in Kinesiology (with specialization in fitness, nutrition and health). He also has a background in exercise physiology and fitness, and holds two advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. In addition, he recently completed the 3 years of coursework for his PhD in Clinical Psychology, an education which rounds out all aspects – nutrition, fitness, and psychology – of his approach to optimal health.

Ari is a tireless researcher who has obsessively devoted the last 20 years of his life to being on the cutting‑edge of the science on health and energy enhancement.

For the last 7 years, he’s been working with many of the top scientists and physicians on the planet to develop the most cutting-edge system in the world on the science of overcoming fatigue and increasing energy.

FREE Webinar, LIVE on July 16th at 4:30PM PT / 7:30PM ET
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