The Strength Blueprint

The Strength Blueprint is more than just an exercise program.  It is your guide, mentor, and coach, as well as the gateway to a community that will help you change the way you approach physical activity. 

Designed by a team of coaches with specialties ranging from chronic fatigue management to strength training and cardiovascular exercise/endurance training, the programs contained in the Strength Blueprint can take you from the level of a complete beginner with zero exercise experience or equipment, to a seasoned veteran looking to get in better shape than they ever thought possible.

What you'll get with the Strength Blueprint

This program is accompanied by guidebooks for each level, and mini lectures designed to help you get the most out of the system.  

You’ll also have access to a full community of like-minded individuals via our private discussion groups, where you can find accountability, virtual workout partners, or get your questions answered by the same team of coaches who designed the programs. 

Level 1 is designed specifically for those managing chronic fatigue or illness, and shows the trainee a new way of looking at physical activity, tracking stress and readiness, and how to put all these pieces together to set up for future success. 

Level 2 capitalizes on the success of level 1, pushing the trainee to greater physical achievement and development of new, healthy, active habits.  

Level 3 is the strength for life program, a program that can be repeated over and over again with guided exercises and workouts ranging from pure at home programs for beginners to high level programs with full gym access for experienced trainees. 

Level 4 is the ultimate destination, and it’s a program that can help ANY trainee of ANY level build greater strength and endurance, based on programming and progressions designed by world class coaches.

The Strength Blueprint is designed to

Reset Your Body Fat Set-Point and Lose fat – PERMANENTLY!

Improve Brain Function, Mood, Metabolic Health, and Blood Sugar Regulation

Increase Your Physical Energy Levels and Immune Health

Dramatically Lower Your Risk Of Diseases Associated With Excess Body Fat (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, many cancers, neurological diseases, etc.)

Enhance Your Endurance And Stamina

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