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How To Fix Your Maladaptive Responses To The World with Jason Prall

In the previous article The Link Between Childhood Experiences and Fatigue, we talked about the major impacts childhood trauma has on health in adulthood. We covered the collaborative ACEs study by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente which surveyed 10,000 individuals asking them if they had experienced one or more of ten dramatic events during childhood. The researchers found that the more of these experiences individuals had, the more prone they were to suicide, heart disease, cancer, and several other mental and physical illnesses.

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Jason Prall on the Link Between Childhood Experiences & Fatigue

Table of Contents When we talk about how to increase energy levels, food, sleep, and exercise are well-known tools to improve your overall health and energy. But did you know that there is also a significant psycho-emotional component to health and energy?  From 1995 to 1997, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and

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Resveratrol For Mitochondria, Brain, And Heart Health by Alex Leaf, M.S.

There might not be a more controversial ingredient on the market than resveratrol. It’s been hyped about for years due to early research in animals and test-tubes suggesting it extends lifespan and attenuates many of the aging processes. In particular, this early research suggested resveratrol acted on sirtuins and several other molecular targets to reduce

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The Benefits of Taurine on Mitochondrial Health by Alex Leaf, M.S.

What comes to mind when you hear the words: amino acid. Protein? Muscles? Nutrients? Our DNA holds the blueprint to create more than 25,000 protein-based compounds that are involved in countless essential functions, including growth, movement, and the regulation of metabolism. Each and every one of them requires some combination of 20 amino acids. Yet,

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The Longevity and Energy Boosting Effects of Astaxanthin with Alex Leaf, M.S.

Imagine, if you will, a person drawing the strength of the universe into them, becoming surrounded in a red-orange burst of energy that signals some form of power-up seen only in superhero movies. This could be you. You can’t literally gain superpowers, of course, but you can drastically increase your strength, energy levels, endurance, resilience,

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5 Powerful Health Benefits Of Chlorella by Alex Leaf, M.S.

I want to start with a question: Have you ever considered eating microalgae? It’s not exactly a mainstay food in Western culture, and frankly, it doesn’t sound too appealing either. But you’ve likely seen it growing in fish tanks and you’ve probably eaten its seaweed big brother. Shocker, right? Seaweed is a type of algae,

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4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Spirulina by Alex Leaf, M.S.

If you’ve ever tried spirulina powder, my bet is that you never want to taste it again. It’s not pleasant, and yet, it’s been consumed for centuries by the natives living around lake Chad in Africa and traded as an important commodity between the Aztecs of Central America and Spanish conquistadors [1]. In the few

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