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How Science Is Manipulated By Industry (and What You Need to Know To Protect Yourself) with Dr. Yogi Hendlin

In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Yogi Hendlin who is an environmental philosopher and public health scientist. We will talk about how science is manipulated by the industry and what you can do to filter through the disinformation and protect yourself.

Award-winning M.D. | PEMFs supercharge your cells and heal your body | Dr. William Pawluk

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. William Pawluk, one of the world’s most respected authorities on pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMFs, a topic that might seem confusing due to what you’ve learned about EMFs, aka electromagnetic fields.

Mind-body link discovered?! Mitochondria In Stress & Disease – Dr. Martin Picard 

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Martin Picard, a mitochondrial researcher who directs the Mitochondrial Psychobiology Group at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and is an Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine in Psychiatry and Neurology.

Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease: Drugs vs. Lifestyle | Dr. Heather Sandison

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Heather Sandison, a naturopathic doctor, published researcher, and the author of a new book you’ll definitely want to read, Reversing Alzheimer’s: The New Toolkit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health.

Robert Lufkin, MD: Lies I Taught In Medical School Uncovers Medical Deceit 

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Robert Lufkin, a physician and medical school professor at UCLA and the University of Southern California, about his new, provocatively titled book Lies I Taught In Medical School.

Dr. Datis Kharrazian on How to Optimize Your Brain Health And Build Superhuman Energy

In this episode, I’m speaking with my friend and brilliant functional doctor, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, on the most evidence-based and practical ways to support your brain.

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