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Brian Keane on The Top 5 Keys To Successful Fat Loss, Optimizing Performance, Sleep, and More

In this episode, I am speaking with Brian Keane – one of Ireland’s leading experts on fitness, health, and nutrition. We will discuss nutrition for weight loss, exercise and more.

EZ Water – What Is It, Why Do I Need It and How Do I Make It? with Dr. Gerald Pollack

In this podcast, I am speaking with Dr. Gerald Pollack about research into his theory of structured water and its implications for our health.

Gut Expert Vincent Pedre, MD, on Gluten, Dairy, Pre- and Probiotics, and building a Happy Gut

In this episode, I am speaking with Vincent Pedre, MD, who is the medical director of Pedre Integrative Health and founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness. He believes the gut is the gateway to excellent wellness. As the best-selling author of Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain. Through his proprietary blueprint for healing the gut: The Gut Care Program. he has helped thousands around the world resolve their gut health issues. We will talk about the latest research and his extensive clinical experience teaches us about fixing gut health problems.

Indigenous Medicine for Superhuman Energy with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

In this episode, I am speaking with Maya Shetreat, M.D. about how to use indigenous medicine and spiritual practices for to improve your health and grow emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. Michael Ruscio on Probiotics and Gut Health

In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Michael Ruscio – who is a Doctor of Chiropractic, clinical researcher, expert on the gut and author of the bestseller, “Healthy Gut, Healthy You.” – about probiotics and gut health.

Jean-Francois Tremblay – The Best Peptides for Anti-Aging/Longevity, Energy, and Healing

In this episode, I am speaking with Jean-François Tremblay, a world-leading expert in peptides, about the amazing health benefits of peptides and how they can help improve gut health, energy, anti-aging, and more.

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