Detox – “More Important Than Nutrition” with Warren Phillips

Content By: Ari Whitten & Warren Phillips

Table of Contents

In this podcast, Warren and I discuss:

  • Why detox is more important than nutrition (a bold claim, which I challenge Warren to back-up!)
  • How Warren was forced to master detox himself to recover from an “irrecoverable condition”
  • The biggest toxic energy drains in our environment and how we can start removing them ASAP
  • Clearing your body of mercury if you have amalgam fillings in your teeth (and the only safe way to do it.)
  • Why toxins affect your gut’s microbiome and ultimately the destiny of your health.
  • How toxins are likely making it almost impossible for some people to lose weight (and how they can change this for good)
  • What true detox means and how you can start today with the right binders
  • The three essential phases for fully-effective detox.

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Ari: Everyone, welcome back to the Energy Blueprint Podcast. I’m your host, Ari Whitten. And with me now is Warren Phillips, who is the co-founder of Revaluation Health, a published scientist, and a detoxification expert. And that is the subject of what he is going to be talking about in this presentation. He is going to be talking about true cellular detox and, this is a pretty bold statement, why it’s more important for your energy levels than nutrition. 

So, Warren, I think that’s a bold claim. I’m looking forward to seeing you build the evidence, build the case for that claim. 

Warren: Yeah, it’s a bold claim. And I believe it to the core. I will tell you how I got there. But first, I just want to thank you for the honor to be on the Superhuman Energy Summit. I know that you have a lot of followers and folks that are spending good time and energy here. And I promise you, as you walk through this with us today, you are going to be blessed and blown away by the information. We are presenting science today. So, get out you pen and paper. We are really going to present an awesome case. And we are going to create a believer out of you, why I believe, and I think you will too, detoxification is more important than nutrition to have superhuman energy. And a few other things that we will align you up on that will surprise you as well. 

As we get into this, I just want to come from a place of full transparency. I didn’t eat that great back in the day. I did take Mountain Dew. I lived a normal life. I was a normal person. I had a normal job. But I was also a little bit superhuman, if you will. I was a state champion in javelin. I set all kinds of records. I was number one in NCAC in college. I was an all-American. I got, you know, top of my class. Alleghany College, the super smart athlete guy, right? Everything didn’t come easy for me though. I worked hard for everything. But I was full of energy. Full of explosive energy enough to almost pre-qualify for the Olympics in the javelin. 

So, I had my stay. And I moved through the university system very well. I was going to go on and get my Ph.D. I studied the binding and heavy metals in sediment. I published a couple of journal articles on that. I worked with them on mines and geology. 

Instead of pursuing my Ph.D., I’m like, “Man, I’m going to get out there, Ari and everyone watching, and I’m going to clean up the environment. Reduce, recycle, reuse.” I went to a nice liberal arts college. We sang that song, literally. The Reduce, Recycle, Reuse song with Berkeley trained professors. So, we were out there. I was out there to go clean up the environment. 

So, I went and became an environmental consultant. And little did I know, that my superhuman energy would soon leave me. And how did that happen? Well, I clean up hazardous waste from Federal used dispense sites, abandoned mines for the U.S. Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers jobs, U.S. EPA, you name it. I was cleaning it up. 

And you’ll find out as we walk through this presentation today that even though I was exposed to lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds like benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene. Those sorts of chemicals which are definitely altering and you’re going to find out why. At the cellular level, destroying your mitochondria in your anate cellular energy. So, the core foundation of your cell or energy was being removed from me. But I didn’t know it. 

But it accumulated over time to the point where I lost my superhuman energy where I wasn’t sleeping at night. And we know sleep is critical to have superhuman energy. But the core of why I was losing my sleep, why my hypothalamus pituitary was not working properly was this toxicity issue. And we’re going to unpack that today. And obviously, give you some answers and some pro tips to avoid some of these things. And some things that you can do for your health and life. 

Ari: It’s interesting that you went from studying heavy metals, binding in sediment in your early career. Your degree was in geology, correct? 

Warren: Correct. 

Ari: Your bachelor’s degree.

Warren: And in Masters, yeah. I have a chemistry degree, a minor. All that stuff. My core of my work was low temperature oculist geochemistry. And you make a great point. It’s a neat connection. Because when I was really sick, and I’m telling you really sick. Sold everything. Couldn’t function. I had to leave my job. Move in with my parents. Millennials get mad at me. But I say, I was a Gen X or millennial, right? Because I moved in my parent’s basement. Which was moldy, another zap. 

Do you have someone bringing that topic? How mold? I’m not hitting it. 

Ari: Yeah. We’ve had a couple of people talk about it. I don’t know if I have somebody specifically addressing only mold. But it’s in a few topics. 

Warren: It’s a big topic. So, the symptoms got worse. Chronic pain, right? Low energy. Fatigue. Chronic fatigue. Like a lot of those systems, no digest not working, anxiety, depression. I mean, here is the point of having no energy. Because when you can’t adapt to stress, you can’t exercise, right? You have no energy to exercise. You have nothing left in the tank. It’s really mitochondrial dysfunction when you look at it. 

But I remember one day, I’m like, I love flowers. I have flowers everywhere. I plant flowers like crazy now. I’m a flower maniac. I couldn’t go out and plant tulips from my mom. The exertion of digging the soil would be too much for me. I’d go in and just like have anxiety attacks and couldn’t sleep. And it was just horrible. So, it literally robbed me. These toxins are energy robbers. They’re life robbers. They steal lives. 

They steal from your life in the hope of today and the reason we’re talking about some really tough topics and showing you some really strong science about it is to give you hope. Because the opposite is true. When you remove these toxins at the cellular level, true cellular detoxification, the opposite can happen in your life. So, when I said that detoxification is more important than nutrition for having superhuman energy, that was why. Because I tried all the diets, right? I went the medical route. The best they could give me, Ari, was Effexor and pain meds. And of course, it didn’t work. 

But I went to him. I went to 10 different doctors. Psychologists, physiotherapists, therapists, medical professionals. They gave me Effexor and pain meds. They asked me, “Hey, how’s it doing on my ten minute visit? How you feeling?” To be nice, because I wanted to be nice. “Five percent better.” “Great, Warren. Stay on that med the rest of your life.” Literally, they told me that. The classic line, “Stay on that med the rest of your life.” They didn’t know the mechanism of action. They didn’t understand it. Their exact words were, “You’d be on one medication. Most people are on three and four.” 

As a scientist, I called BS. I’m like, “Either I’m going to die trying.” And I had to make a decision. And there’s a slide there of the Warren on Christmas. And the Warren that got his life back. And all my dreams and hopes came back. And that slide is in my story, My Story of Hope. And that’s the hope I want to give you guys today. Because I made a decision. I tried nutrition. I tried the medical route. And then I decided, you know what? Either I’m going to off myself or I’m going to make a decision to fight for my health and start searching and look for answers. And I did. And it gave me my life back. 

And you’ll see that picture. I’m ripped. I’m full of energy. I wasn’t perfect. And I’m still not perfect. But I got married. All my lost dreams. I have two beautiful girls now. I do really well. I’m a successful entrepreneur and I’m transforming lives.

And so, circling back to your point, how is it that this detoxification of the earth expert became a detoxification of human body expert? Because what I discovered, Ari, is that our homes, the clothes on our skin, the air that we’re breathing, the couches that we’re sitting on, the beds that we’re sleeping on, the water that we’re drinking, you name it, is more toxic than me. There’s a picture of me in one of the slides when I was cleaning up mercury spills. And that was full of mercuric oxide. So, back in the 80s, they put mercuric oxide on drains, Ari. What does mercury do? It kills everything. Antifungal, antiviral, anti-pest, anti-everything. 

Ari: Anti-human.

Warren: Anti-human. So, they put this stuff, wheat grain, corn grain, plant it. So, that you get a higher yield, just like glyphosate. But they found, “Of course it makes you sick and it’s toxic.” And then they sold that in the 80s to several countries making them sick and toxic. Talk about a robber of your energy. 

But I had a personal protective equipment on. When I was cleaning up abandon mines, personal protective equipment. A mask, that’s kind of timely. We are all wearing masks now to protect ourselves. But you are not being told to wear a mask in your home. You’re not being told that the amalgams in your mouth, when you drink a cup of hot coffee, are exceeding EPA air quality limits ten to one hundred times depending on the amount of amalgam fillings in your mouth. You should have a special mercury, that’s real. And that is happening to you if you have that right now. Robbing you of energy. 

So, detoxification is more important than nutrition for superhuman energy, for sure. And I’ll just throw back to you, Ari, on that topic. 

The role of true cellular detox

Ari: Yeah. I mean, I’m really excited to dig into the to the science. And see what you actually mean by true cellular detox. And I am speaking like from the perspective of the listener because I actually have some familiarity with your products already. And I know what you’re talking about and the brand that you have built. And that’s why I invited you to be a part of this Summit too. 

I think what you’re doing is fascinating. But let’s dig into the science of what the distinction is and maybe I’m jumping ahead a bit. 

Warren: No, you are right on point with what we want. 

Ari: So, talk to me about like what are actually the things that are accumulating in our cells and what is the difference between, you know, typical detox approaches? And what you’re calling true cellular detox?

Warren: Well, the where I want to go and I thought this is where you’re going. But I want to go to some of the science of how toxicity robs you. Like me, robbed me of my life. Robbed me of my hopes and my dreams. Robbed me of energy. Robbed me of all those things. How does that happen first? And then we’ll kind of look at where these toxins come from and then we’ll dig into the solution. Because I want to build a case for you guys. 

Ari: Perfect. 

Warren: I just don’t want to, you know, freak you out. But I want to motivate you with this science to give you hope. Because, again, the opposite is true. I did get my life back. The smile that I had in that picture, I moved home October 20th, 2005. I remember the day. I surprised my parents. I drove as much as I could to beat the clock and surprise them. But it was on Christmas and I had a fake smile. I had no joy, no energy, no hope. And I was faking it. 

And there’s so many out there that are faking it. We’re doing supplements. We’re doing dietary changes and we’re still faking it. Toxicity, maybe your answer. And I’m going to build that case for you today. 

So, the first big topic here is how detoxification is more important than nutrition. So, I’m going to expand this for a bit. And it connects to your energy for your microbiome. Huge topic, right? Huge topic for energy. Because we know that pro athletes have a microbiome type that makes them healthy. And that microbiome makes you a pro athlete. And every disease is now linked to your microbiome. So, if you have a certain microbiome type, you’re going to have diabetes. You’re this microbiome type, you’re going to be obese. This microbiome type, you’re going to have Alzheimer’s. 

And the opposite is true, this healthy microbiome, it’s going to activate your genes. And you’re going to be healthy. You’re going to down regulate inflammation. You have better cellular energy. Boom, right? So, very important. 

The toxin – microbiome link

Now, let’s look at this this slide. And they’ll pop this up from the end. P.J. Biofilms Microbiome Journal. “The gut microbiome plays a major player in the toxicity of environmental pollutants.” I’ll just read this for you. “Conversely, environmental contaminants from various chemical families,” Ari and those listening, “have been shown to alter the composition and/or the metabolic activity of gastrointestinal bacteria.”

So, just as I spoke of, these toxins from various chemical families, we’re talking heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, pHs, you name it, all the toxins. Many of them are altering the composition in the metabolic activity of your gut flora composition. Just like mixing a pie, there’s a composition. 

The healthy ones have this diverse composition which creates a superhuman. But if it’s messed up and you have dysbiosis, some of these bugs are getting killed off, diabetes, low energy, chronic fatigue. You name it, it’s connected. So, these toxins are not only altering the composition of your microbiome type. No one talks about this much. But the metabolic activity, you can have healthy cells, right? Gives you a healthy human. If you have healthy, good bacteria. That bacteria is also made up of cells. You’re more bacteria than you are cells. Ten times as a matter of fact. You weigh more and bacteria than you our cells. 

And then you have a hundred times of those viruses. Viruses are actually important when they’re in balance, in check, right? There’s this beautiful symphony that’s happening in your body. Energetically, microbiome, genes, they are all talking. And when it’s thrown off through toxicity, the bottom can fall out in your life. So, these toxins are altering that. 

And then then I’m going to move to the next slide on this. So, let’s dig a little deeper into what this this study showed. And there’s new science that we can talk about. I don’t have that information pulled up. But I said at the beginning of this, that now your microbiome type has been linked to literally every known disease out there. And what they did in this 2016 study on how toxicities alter the composition and metabolic activity, the actual health of the bugs within your body. 

Here it is. “Conversely, environment of metabolic activity of the gastrointestinal bacteria which may be an important factor contributing to shape an individual’s microbiome type.” They’re showing this information. It’s very clear. So, we’ll make a connection here to something that we all have, many of us have is being exposed to mercury or mercury amalgam fillings. The physiological consequences of these authorizations have not been studied in detailed. But pollutant induced alterations of the gut bacteria are likely contributed to their toxicity. 

The science is out, guys. This is very clear. The Microbiome Research and this Microbiome Institute and all that since 2016 to 2020, it’s very clear that certain healthy microbiome, healthy person. Altered microbiome, like you’re saying here by toxins, unhealthy person.

So, for example, we found in that earlier slide, in that earlier conversation about mercuric oxide. Why did they use that on grains? Because it kills, what? Everything. It kills bugs, viruses, funguses. They put it in vaccines as an adjunct. Why? Drives the cost down and it kills everything. It makes it neutral. They can use it and sterilize. They put an eye contact solution back in the 80s. Why? It makes it sterile. They put it on mercurochrome, back in the day as well. Probably got rid of that in the 80s as well. Why? Because it kills everything. That was the antibacterial movement, which unfortunately, I think we’re moving back towards. Which is a scary, scary thought. 

Because if you do alter your microbiome, you’re altering your genetic destiny. That your genes literally pull the trigger on your life. So, you have a mouth full of amalgam fillings, that stuff leaches mercury. What is it? Destroying your mouth microbiome. Your gut microbiome. It’s altering like crazy. Nothing’s going to alter it more than having mercury amalgams with your health. 

And again, I have to say this, Ari, and I know you would probably say this as well. You’ve got to get them out, right? You need a biological dentist. You’ve got to go to Find a dentist in your area. And drill him with questions. Do some research. Get a practitioner. It’s better to leave them in than do it wrong. Because the bottom can fall out. I have so many clients, you know, we’ve been teaching doctors for 15 years. So, I got on this mission, started helping one doctor. I’m like, “We have to help more doctors understand true detoxification.” And that’s one of the things that we love to do is train practitioners. 

So, the next slide, toxins and autoimmunity. It really layers in nicely with the last point I tried to make, which I think I did, the detoxification is more important than nutrition for your microbiome. Because your microbiome, literally a healthy microbiome, has the ability to digest food, creates short chain fatty acids that your cells can use for energy. And if you don’t have those bacteria or they’re dysbiosis or they’re in a small amount, you’re not going to be digesting up and creating these short chain fatty acids. Your own bodies MCT oil is not going to be in there. And you’re not able to generate energy.

Then you bring in MCT oil, and you don’t have the right bacteria that’s producing the right enzymes to break down that. You can’t use that either. So, then if your cells inflamed, we’ll get to that. I have a picture of a cell. Even if you were able to get that energy into the cell. You can’t get the bad stuff out because you have a toxic cell. And then it’s like burning a fire inside a house without a chimney. So, that’s where it leads. 

The link between toxins and autoimmune conditions

So, toxins and autoimmune. Currently, studies have shown that genetic predisposition accounts for approximately 30 percent of autoimmune diseases. The rest, 70 percent of autoimmune due to environmental factors, including toxic chemicals, dietary components, gut dysbiosis, there it is again. And infections. 

So, let’s dig this apart a little bit. We have a genetic predisposition to getting autoimmune. What triggers your genes? A lot of us have autoimmune genes for so many different things. And diabetes and obesity. We have all that stuff. I’m not obese, I have the gene. What triggers them? Toxins, missing a certain bacteria that needs to turn on that anti-inflammatory process. If you don’t have the bug and they found that. If you don’t have a certain bug, you can’t activate the anti-inflammatory response your body needs. So, you get autoimmune. So, there’s your connection or a stressor in your life. You get a big trauma, a car accident, a divorce, that can turn on your bad genes as well. So, as we layer into this. Yeah, 30 percent is genetic. But that’s connected to your microbiome, which is altered by toxins. Toxins themselves can trigger your genes, the loaded gun. Michael J. Fox, the loaded gun was toxins for Parkinson’s. Is that correct? It’s Parkinson’s that he has, right? 

Ari: Yeah, he does have Parkinson’s. Is there some specific link with him in toxic exposure? 

Warren: That’s what he says. He says Parkinson’s is a genetic disorder and toxins are the trigger that fire that gene. And that’s really heavily in the research. 

As well with cancer. It is 90 percent environment is where cancer is coming out. It’s crazy. We’re not cleaning up or putting, you know, allowing people to see that as the cause. We’re still running around raising money for drugs that don’t get to the cause.

And I get it. That’s just business. And that’s how humans work. We’re here to provide solutions, not worrying about, you know, what other people are doing. We have a great opportunity right now to inspire people to do the right things. And to understand detoxification and how important is to restore your life in the hope that we all have. And the opportunity that we all have to live the best lives possible to be superhuman. 

Guys, I mean, when I was sick, I had so much brain fog. I could not and I’m I’m closing loops and jumping around talking about I have kids in my room, and I can still focus and concentrate. But back in the day, I couldn’t connect. I couldn’t look people in the eye. I couldn’t make a difference in this world. I couldn’t enjoy another human. I just couldn’t. There was no joy. It was all stolen from me. So, if I sound passionate, I come from a place of someone who got restored. And of course, when you have that experience, you’re going to want to share it with the world. 

And we’re going to continue down this. And move through this science quickly. Then get to some of the solutions for you all. 

The point I was making on this slide is that, look, even the 30 percent is really connected to the toxicity issue because it really triggers those genes. It destroys the microbiome, which is affects the genes as well. 

The next case I want to make and we’re talking about superhuman energy and we need energy to detoxify, by the way. And we just moved into two different areas. Went for detoxification is more important than nutrition for your microbiome, we looked at it for autoimmunity, which is your immune system. There’s a lot of research and toxins overwhelm your immune system, have an overactive immune response. One way to bullet proof your immune system is detoxification. And there’s some other studies on that as well. And especially, at youth. There’s a really nice study that they could even put in here right now and pop it up. It talks about the pandemic of toxicity and it’s in its connection to the global fight against infectious disease. So, that’s a really strong point.

But I want to go a little deeper. Detoxification is more important to nutrition, for disease, for disease reversal. So, if you look at some of the research and I’ll read this one to you. And I have a couple of slides here for you guys to look at. Obesity, a multifactorial disease resulting from once again, genes, environment and behavior interactions represents the most common metabolic disorder in the Western Hemisphere. With all the MCT oil that’s out there that drives cellular energy, with all the great nutrition and the paleo diet and Keto diet. Even now, it’s skyrocketing right before our eyes. With all these different diets and problems. Why? Why are our children obese? From birth, that gene is triggered. Why? Toxicity. 

I’m telling you guys. this is the truth. Listen to this. And its prevalence has dramatically risen during the last three decades, reaching worldwide epidemic proportions. Recent cumulative evidence suggests that obesity may represent an adverse health consequence of exposure during the critical developmental windows to environmental chemicals disrupting endocrine function. Moreover, exposure to these chemicals seem to play a key role in development of obesity related metabolic and cardiovascular disease. There is a clear link here. And it’s happening at birth to these children. And it says it here, “Obesity rated, metabolic issues.” 

What is metabolic? That’s energy. That’s the lifeline. That’s the energy output of your body. And it’s altering the very cause of what makes you energetic. What’s allowing your body to burn fat for energy so that you can grow, put on muscle, and live a life that’s to the fullest. It’s altering your endocrine function, your adrenals. All of it. Guys, this is a core issue when it comes to your energy and to be superhuman. It’s foundational to be superhuman and have superhuman energy. I don’t know another topic out there and there’s going be a lot of topics. And everyone is going to tout that they have the right topic. But I believe, and you can vote, and let everybody know that guy Warren tapped into something that was really critical that they’d never heard before. And there’s a lot of health experts out there. 

I don’t do many of these, guys. I’m not often sharing this information. I’m in the trenches. I’m developing programs and supporting doctors. I’m not typically the talking head. When Ari came to me and said, “Hey, I’m doing this Superhuman Energy Summit.” I said, “Guys, we have to delve in. Because I believe that the one the foundations, the main foundation in my opinion of becoming superhuman and having superhuman energy, is removing toxins. And this is why. That’s the reason that I’m bringing you this information today.

Ari, I’ll throw it back over to you for a minute.

Ari: Yeah, I think this is awesome. I love how you turned it into a competition, wanting to get people to vote on which factor is the most important one. I think it’s your old competitive athlete nature that is definitely rearing its head again. 

Why detox is better than nutrition

Warren: It definitely is. Yeah. You know, anytime you get your life transformed, you know. And I love being authentic. And that’s part of this new movement of educating people is to really just throw the truth out there. And allow them to choose. Research and choose it for themselves. Like, I can’t force you to understand what I’ve been through. And see the answers. But I think I can inspire you to look into it a little more deeply. Especially when we go after this research.

And now, let’s look at some of the sources of this toxicity. So, let’s as in review and I love to review. Detoxification is more important than nutrition to have superhuman energy. Why? One, it alters your microbiome. It alters the very thing that digests your food and creates and takes that food and turns it into energy for your body. It affects whether those genes are going to express and you’re going to express and be healthy or not. Toxins trigger your bad genes and those inflammatory genes in your body, which rob your body of energy and cause disease and dysfunction.

Toxins suppress your immune system. And are a big factor, 70 percent, I would say probably more like 80, 90 percent, responsible for whether you produce an autoimmune condition where your body’s over responding. Trust me, you don’t have superhuman energy when you have autoimmune condition rolling on. 

And the last thing we discovered is how detoxification is more important to nutrition. Essentially for your endocrine function, which heavily affects your metabolic activity and the energy of your body. Because your hormones are a huge player in whether you have energy or not. Your thyroid, a big energy producer, right? You got to have the thyroid energy. And if your thyroid is not acting right, your super fatigue. Or if you’re hypothyroid. 

Guess what’s one of the number one thing that messed with your thyroid and cause hypothyroidism? Mercury, toxins. So, that’s why I’m building this case as I believe its foundation. And I believe I’m going to win because of the foundational upstream problem. And we can talk about the thyroid. That’s critical for superhuman energy. It’s so critical what’s affecting that thyroid. And in many of you, it’s that. 

So, whereas these toxins coming from right out of birth? This is the body burden from EWG, the study that they did. Children are now exposed to as many as 287 of the 413 toxic chemicals in the study. And here’s the scary part. Here’s the sad part. 180 of them, they cause cancer. They cause cellular disruption. They cause cellular alterations and mutations. If they are causing cancer, they are definitely messing with the cell and how that cell is producing energy. Correct, Ari? 

Ari: Yeah, absolutely. 

Warren: They’re robbing you of energy there to. So, these kids, that is where the obesity genes are getting triggered. We’re looking at BPA, as an endocrine disruptor. But there’s thousands of other chemicals that do the same thing. We put BPA free in a bottle, but it’s still full of other toxic chemicals. Drink out of glass. Drink out of stainless steel, guys. Just because it’s BPA free, doesn’t make it safe. 

Ari: Yeah. So, I think, the last count I saw was something like 72,000. I’m sure it’s probably up to 80,000 by now, manmade chemicals in the environment. Only a small fraction of these have even been studied in the context of human health. And the studies are even still very limited on that small fraction of those chemicals. 

I think, there’s also research even in looking at umbilical cord blood. So, what babies are being exposed to before they’re even born into the world where they’ve detected over 400 different manmade chemicals in umbilical cord blood. So, there are thousands of these chemicals that we are all being exposed to from the time of birth. 

How do you make sense of that vast landscape? And what are the specific chemicals that you zero in on as being the biggest players?

Warren: Yeah, some of the biggest players and I actually pulled out, I had another slide in here that had those in them. But I really like to look at the biggest disrupting ones, right? Mercury and lead. You know, still ubiquitous in our environments. Glyphosate is another massive one because it alters your gut bacteria. Creating holes in your gut and your immune system. 

Stephanie sent us work from M.I.T., how that drives environmental toxins like mercury and lead deeper into the cells, into tissues. Obviously, mycotoxins like mold. Major player in causing cellular inflammation. One of the biggest players though is mercury for me. Yeah, and uranium is becoming a bigger player because of Fukushima. And how that’s moving across the ocean. And how that’s getting into fish and showing up inside of us now. 

But those are some of the major toxins. And again, the tire components, right? A lot of these chemicals just aren’t studied. I like to look at what’s causing the most cellular inflammation, and which is causing the most endocrine disruption. And mercury happens to be one of the biggest and baddest of that.  And it’s also in a lot of things you wouldn’t think it would be. It is in car tires, right? Mercury, lead, and all the other rubber, petroleum toxins. 

But I just thought about this the other day.

Ari: You mention car tires, just to connect the dots, it’s not like we eat car tires. How would how is that relevant to that mercury getting in our bodies?

Warren: Well, you are eating car tires. You’re eating the dust. So, if you look at your car tires, “I got to change my car tires.” Where did that dust, all that rubber magically go? In the soil? A little bit. But it creates this nanoparticle. They have measured it 10 miles into the atmosphere. So, we’re breathing it. So, no one, even if you live in the best environment. These rubber tires, the big trucks, that rubber is just being completely nano-ed up into our environment. 

And again, it’s about the economy. It’s about living life. And our bodies are tough. They are resilient. And we all have different toxicity buckets. Our cells can handle more and less based on some of our genetics and predispositions to whether we’re good at removing toxins. So, your body is a really robust system that can remove a certain amount of heavy metals and toxins out of your body. But many of us, now, are getting overwhelmed. Especially when our buckets are getting full from birth.

And here’s another study, we will throw this up, of where toxins are coming from. Baby food. Yours and mine. Lead, mercury, arsenic. Another bad one. And it’s in our food and theirs. And here’s the scary part. They’re not testing for this stuff. CNN did this study. It’s right here in front of you. But most of these, I think, it was 95 percent of them, all the baby food they tested, had elevated levels of lead, mercury, and arsenic. 

Let me pull up the study so that I can read it exactly for you guys. 95 percent of what they tested contained one or more toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. And it’s showing up in our foods as well. How? Well, when you water something with lead, from a lead pipe which is ubiquitous across many of the cities have a lot of lead in their water. And what that does is plants can uptake lead. We used to use them in the environmental cleanup days. They will uptake the lead. But then we would cut the plant off. And put it in a hazardous waste facility. Because it leaches out.

It breaks down. It will pull it out of the soil. But if you eat it, it’ll break down.

It’s not a permanent bond. It’s a very weak bond inside the plant structure. And then, you are getting that and going into you. 

And in that study, what they showed, Ari, the amount of lead was enough lead to cause immediate neurological defects on those children. So, we are just hammering our stuff. There’s a pink elephant in the room, I believe. And its toxicity that we’re all facing. And it’s a challenge. 

Ari: Yeah. I mean, I think this is phenomenal. I mean, you mentioned BPA before. You know, there’s also this game that companies are playing where they do kind of a switch, like a bait and switch on you. Or I don’t even know if it’s necessarily a bait. But there is a kind of an insidious game where there is like plastics, information that comes out that is saying, “BPA is harmful to health.” And then there’s new plastics that come out. That are like, “Hey, we are BPA free.” And it turns out, well, those BPA free things, have BPS in them. That probably, it looks like even more harmful than BPA was. And, you know, the same thing happens with the non-stick cookware. It’s like, “Oh, we don’t have those perfluorocarbons that the previous nonstick cookware have.” But what they don’t tell you is they have other chemicals that are just as problematic. 

And so, you know, there’s really like the industry is contributing to customer confusion or to confusion among the general public in a way where people even think they’re making a smart decision and they’re still not making a smart decision. Do you have any thoughts on that issue?

Warren: Well, I mean, it’s just everything comes down to money. I mean, it’s not as conspiracy as you think. It’s marketing, right? The politics of today. It’s marketing, you know. It’s getting worse and it’s creating more division. Because marketing, it’s all psychology. So, if they can get you to feel safe and secure, they can get you to buy something. And they’re just not really good regulation on this stuff. There’s no research being done on it. 

And, you know, the best things we can do is go back to the basics. Start living your life that God or the universe designed you to. Not what we have adapted to. We have adapted to these toxins. Our systems aren’t, you know, ready for this. And they are zapping our energy. 

So, we talk about BPA being endocrine disrupter. Endocrine disruptors destroy our energy. It’s foundational. So, we can bring a thyroid expert on here. And if he’s not addressing toxicity, well, its foundational. Toxins are the foundation. You can throw herbs. You can do all this stuff to strengthen your thyroid or your adrenals or all of these adaptive herbs. You can do all that stuff. You can do dietary changes. But if a toxins mimicking T3 and sitting on a receptor site so that it can’t hear the information that it needs on every cell. You have a thyroid receptor and it’s inflamed or the mercury is blunting that receptor. You can’t get the information in for your body to produce energy. 

So, it is this foundational issue. That’s when you said, “Hey, Warren, you know, I’d love to have you talk about this topic today.” That is why. It’s such a foundational topic. And then, it’s great because you can build upon that. There are so many ways to become and have superhuman energy. And I’m not saying that some of those things didn’t work for me. The diet worked. Just it didn’t get me all the way there. It got me some of the way there. Because it was anti-inflammatory. I was giving my body the best chance and the best nutrients to develop a better microbiome, to develop cellular energy.

So, I know I’m playing this hard on the toxicity thing. But it didn’t give me my life back. It didn’t take me all the way there. And you’d be self-limited in the amount of toxicity that’s in your body. 

Here’s a fun one. The chemicals within us, this journalist decided from the National Geographic, he’s like, “Dude, I’m down with this toxicity thing. If you give me 15 grand to do this really cool test of all these toxic chemicals, I’ll write about it.” And he wrote about it. And then we’ll move on from here to a few other things you can do. And I’ll give you a great pro tip here as well. 

But listen to this. So, this writer engaged in a journey of chemical selfdiscovery. “Last fall, I had myself tested for 320 chemicals I might have picked up.” This brings it all together for everybody. Because we’re picking it up where? From our food, drink, the air we breathe, the products that touch my skin, my own secrete stash of compounds acquired by merely living. We don’t have masks on, guys. We’re just nearly living. You don’t have a protective layer over the bed that you’re sitting on that has flame retardants. Man, just for merely living your life, you’re being exposed to decades.

My own secret stash compound of merely living, includes older chemicals that I might have been exposed to decades ago, such as DDT and PCBs. Still out there in our water supplies and in our soils. Glyphosate being used less. Because now it’s a class action lawsuit, causing cancer, and all kinds of other problems. But it’s still ubiquitous in our environment. It’s showing up in our crops that are not even sprayed with the stuff. It’s showing up in our honey. There is a study in here, you can see that. It is showing up in all these places, but it’s getting less than the environment. But it’s going to be here a while. 

Pollutants like lead, mercury, dioxins, newer pesticides, plastic ingredients, and the nearly miraculous compounds that lurk just beneath the surface of modern life, making shampoos, fragrant, pans nonstick, and fabrics water resistant and fire safe. And testing is too expensive. The program that we do, we do some inexpensive testing. You know, you don’t have to pay 15,000 dollars to see if you have this cellular inflammation that is going on in your body. 

But this is it, guys, and guess what? Here’s the funny part of this. They found levels in him of flame retardants, a hundred times more than someone working in occupational exposure. Working in a factory, making flame retardants, having the masks and protective equipment. Of course, they’re going to have less exposure. Just like I found. I was out in the environment breathing this stuff, cleaning up the world for everybody. And I realized, in our homes, we are getting exposed more. 

This guy was getting exposed to more. And what they did in the research, where they found his source was, from planes. He flew all the time. Some chemist said, “Do you fly a lot?” It’s like, “Yeah, I fly a ton. I’m a journalist for crying out loud.” Well, those planes, to keep you safe, they slather it with chemical flame retardants to give him a 100 increase in having cancer now. That’s great. Do you think getting that out is going to help his cells? Going to help his superhuman energy? You bet it is. 

So, 100 times. And they could use safer stuff. They could not put mercury in vaccines. But guess what it does, it costs more. It costs them 15 cents more for every vaccine. You’re talking billions of dollars on planes. They’re a multibillion dollar industry. If they have to switch and spray more often something different than these chemical flame retardants, it’s going to cost them a lot of money. And they have to pass this testing because of the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration. So, they have to pass this testing. 


So, it shows you that no matter what you do, where you go, how you live, even if you’re eating organic. There’s research of organic kale that is full of lead. You can’t avoid the stuff. So, you need to position yourself well. You need to remove the toxicity from your life as best you can. And you’re going to find really safe ways of getting this stuff out, guys. It’s really critical to your health and your superhuman energy.

Ari: So, talk to me now about what it means, what this idea of true cellular detoxification is. And you know, what you think of some of the other things. For example, some of the herbs that are out there. Cilantro, chlorella, you know, pectin, whatever other supplements are on the market detoxify, activated charcoal and all these kinds of things. As well as the full blown, sort of chelation therapies that someone might get with some functional medicine practitioner. A lot of functional medicine practitioners are not necessarily a fan of those. Some are. 

But what’s your take on the landscape of what’s out there and what are you doing differently?

Warren: Okay. Can I go into the cell? And how the toxins affect the cell? And then I will show you how to get it out. 

Ari: Beautiful. 

Warren: You know, my belief structure on that. Again, we’ve been training practitioner for 15 years. We’ve developed some really, really cool protocols and do it right. And I will come right out of the gate, it’s not simple. I mean, I can’t say it’s complicated, but it takes time. It’s not something you gathered all these toxins in your life. I’m 45 years old. I 45 years. My mom had 14 amalgam fillings. There’s research out there from Fassett. The number of amalgam fillings in your mom’s mouth is directly proportional to the amount it’s going to show up in your child’s brain, liver, kidneys, tissues, organs, pituitary, the control towers of all your hormones, hypothalamus pituitary. So, there’s this direct correlation.

So, a lot of the lead that you get, a lot of the mercury you get, you get from your mom. A lot of the toxins, that are newer toxins, in today’s day of age coming from mom. So, here’s the bucket theory, right? That we like to present. 

We all have a genetic bucket that these toxins, trauma, and infection overflow that bucket. So, you are feeling fine when it’s halfway full. But when it overflows, that’s when the bottom falls out. And you get the symptoms of toxicity and severe inflammation. The dizziness, the weight loss resistance, the inability to handle stress, the exercise induced fatigue, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, hormone dysregulation, trouble sleeping, deeper depression, mood changes, muscle pain. So, this overflows. And you have to get it out. 

So, what’s going on at the cellular level for your toxins to start overflowing and causing all this symptomology? We kind of hit on it. I just wanted to show you show the slide to everybody. Your cells made up of a lipid bilayer, two layers of fat. On that cell is gatekeepers and receptors. And those receptors for your thyroid, your cortisol, for your adrenals. You got your insulin gateway to let glucose in, which your body uses for energy. 

So, all these cells, and that’s where your DNA is at. The ATP image right there, that’s your mitochondria. ATP, that’s cellular energy. That’s superhuman energy. That’s your superhuman energy source is maximizing your cellular energy. Having healthy cells. 

But when you have unhealthy cells and again, fasting. Wow. I think Dr. Pompa is going to talk on that. That really digests up the old bad cells and creates new ones. So, that’s really critical. Especially if you’ve a lot of toxicity issues. Fasting is a great way to get those cells healthy. So, you have healthy mitochondria that produce good cellular energy that burn fat for energy. That give you that superhuman energy that we’re all looking for. So, we can push through our days. So, we can work to nine o’clock at night. We can do the dishes, be kind, and slow with our kids. And all the things that we want to do in life. It’s critical. Such a powerful topic, Ari, thank you for bringing me on this. 

Ari: Yeah, thank you. This is good stuff. 

Warren: This is just amazing. This inflammation, the cell membrane, so you can blunt these receptors and not allow your body to produce superhuman energy. If the thyroid can’t hear, the cell can’t hear the thyroid hormone. It won’t fire off the right mechanisms and programs to have that beautiful DNA and mitochondrial expression of energy that the thyroid hormones. It’s part of the endocrine system that does that. 

And then the other thing, the other challenges is this lipid bilayer. These toxins are fat loving and they attach to that cell membrane inflaming it. So, your nutrients, that give you energy so that your mitochondria can utilize it for energy can’t come in. And then the bad stuff can’t come out of an inflamed cell. So, you have this toxic, dysfunctional, low energy, barely performing cell. And of course, in a cell like this can lead to cancer as well. So, that’s one of the causes. 

So, I just wanted to bring that up to show you that this is a cellular issue. And then when you affect your ATP and your cellular energy, you need four ATP to produce one glutathione in your body. And glutathione is a great antioxidant. It’s the most powerful antioxidant. It’s 10,000 more times powerful than whatever, choose your antioxidant for herbs that you could take. This glutathione is critical to your body’s natural detoxification anti-inflammatory process. But if you don’t have cellular energy, you can’t produce it. 

So, cellular superhuman energy is critical just to every function in your body, not just to make you feel good. But energy drives everything in your body. And there’s lots, the frequencies, and some of the other things that you’ll be talking about. What a great topic the more I think about it. No wonder why you did this. This is just amazing what energy is for. And how it makes you superhuman at so many different levels. 

So, here is a slide. Your bucket is overflowing. Now what? Let’s get into some of the answers and what I believe to be true about detoxification. I estimate and heavy metals is a big one. But I say this for everything. I estimate 98 percent of them are either dangerous or ineffective. Why? Because they truly don’t address the core issue. They make you poop. They might cleanse your liver a little bit. They might drive your lymphatic system. No one is really addressing the full picture. 


And then the binders they’re using, unfortunately, they’re not true binders. A true binder. I can grab one for you, it’s something that can combine. This was literally three days ago. My kids had this in my office. I’m like, “This is great for an example of a true binder.” Because this is a toxin. If something can bind on and hold on to that, permanently, this is a zeolite molecule that has been cleaned and free caged to bind a toxin. So, your body can take that and move it out through the skin through sweat, through urination, through bowel movements, and it can move that out permanently. A lot of these other binders out there are very weak binders. They are not true binders. So, in a plant material, chlorella, cilantro. They’re weakly bound. So, an acid or another mineral can just knock that off. And off goes the toxin reattaching to a cell membrane, causing inflammation, redistribution, recirculation of toxins causing more cell inflammation, more hormone disruption, destroying your cell energy. So, they’re not using true binder’s that can come in and permanently bind that stuff. 


So, that’s when I said detoxification can be more dangerous. That’s what I mean. So, you need true binders. And a lot of these herbal ones, they are just not out there. The science doesn’t back them up. But something like zeolite, as long as it’s a clean zeolite, where they removed all the heavy metals out of the cages first so that they’re open and ready to bind heavy metals. And again, there is none out there that I measured. 

I could throw up a slide here. And I have that of all the different products that I’ve measured. And they are just loaded with heavy metals. Far beyond, even prop 65. They are exceeding prop 65 by like 27 times some of them. And they are selling these supplements, poisoning people with lead. It’s really sad. And again, that’s our industry. And that’s why there are folks like Ari and myself sounding the alarm, giving real information that can really help you guys pay attention. 

So, here we go. Glutathione injections. It’s great when your body makes its own. It’s a great antioxidant, not a true binder. A lot of times we have clients that are taking this stuff, “I’ve been taking glutathione and I’m sicker.” Why? It is a single heal group binder. And it recirculates heavy metals within your body, causing redistribution, and recirculation of this toxin. Just like the other weak binders. 

And I talked about the zeolite. They are great. They are great binders. But one capacity because all the cages are loaded with heavy metals. Or they are going to poison you. IV DMPS, EDTA, and DMSA, I actually love all three of these binders. With a physician, I took a lot of DMSA and DMPS. DMPS loves mercury. And DMSA loves lead.

The government actually developed that for lead poisoning in World War II. So, it works very, very good. It’s a double group and it really binds like a crab claw onto a toxin. Here’s my egg toxin. And look, there is no candy in here by the way for my kids. They got like money and stuff for Easter. Just so you know, we live congruently here at the Phillips household. 

And we focus on solutions, not problems either. So, we’re focusing on the solution right now, guys. So, these are great binders. But you are going to need to do it through a physician. They stir things up a bit and they’re really, really strong. And they can cause a little bit of redistribution. They’re a super strong bond. But they are going to stir some things up. 

But these other binders, it’s like taking a leaf blower in a house full of dust and you’re just blowing it around. And so, it’s just redistributing the dust from one side of the house to the other. And that’s not what you want. Especially in your body. So, that’s kind of my belief structure around that. And what we need is true cellular detoxification.

I love cyto detox as a binder. You know, for gentle, to get something started. It’s inexpensive. But when you really want to turn around your life, you really got to take a holistic approach detoxification. You really need to look at removing those sources from your life. We’ll go back to formaldehyde, not formaldehyde. The flame retardants. One of the do it yourself things is if you’re bedding is sprayed with that stuff. You can soak it in 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar solution. And your kid’s pajamas are loaded with this stuff. Just become aware, guys. 

And look, there’s lots of this stuff on the Internet. There’s a lot of great influencers out there today. As long as we can still have the Internet as our playground to share quality information, really look at a lot of different ways that you can do that. 

So, soak it in 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar for like eight hours and then wash it. You’re going to remove most of those flame retardants from your pillow covers on your coach, from your kid’s pajamas, from some of the bedding coverings over top of your bed. They are just required to put them on there for the same reason, for your safety. 

But true cellular detoxification takes time. And there are really five components. There are three components and three phases to true detoxification. This is more of a long term process. There’s a lot of the things we hit on and there’s a lot of the things that’s really related to superhuman energy. 

So, we look at the first one. Our number on is remove the source of toxicity. When you remove the source, you’re going to decrease the cellular inflammation. You’re going to have a healthier cell. These toxins can go in and get on the mitochondrial member. They have a membrane as well. And they are kind of round like this. And they come in and destroy the mitochondria membrane, which your mitochondria are the engines of your body. 

So, you want to remove the sources as much as possible. One of the pro tips I love to give, Ari, is if you’re inside and you have a newer home with rugs, carpets, and new furniture, is crack a window and let the fresh air in. Because almost every environment out there, your indoor air quality is like 100 times more toxic than the outdoor air. Sad to say. But if you put a VOC meter inside of most people’s homes, it would be unlivable air quality. And you’re wondering why you are not sleeping at night, right? Leading to cellular energy issues, health issues, and not being superhuman for sue. 

So, there are lots of different ways you could remove the sources. So, start thinking about that. Eating organic, of course. But at sometimes, you still get those heavy metals. Regenerate that cell membrane. So, critical. With healthy fats, four to one ratio oils. Four omega six to omega three. Four to one. That’s the cellular fat ratio in nature. Restore the cellular energy. Critical, Ari. Critical, everyone to detoxification, feeling well. Reduce the cellular information, of course. Less inflammation. That is where diet comes in and some good antioxidants help with that. And then you want to re-establish methylation. 

Methylation comes in and removes toxins from your body. And if your methyl depleted, you can’t neutralize toxins. Methylation is a toxin neutralizer for the natural toxins your body produces as it lives its life on a daily basis. 

And then, the next component is we want to open and support detox pathways. Everything. Don’t just do a kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, or make your gut detox necessarily. You want to look at supporting the lymph, the kidneys, the liver, and the guy. All your detox pathways. And again, you want to use true binders. 


Our process, Ari, is three phases. We prep the body for detoxification. Make sure all those pathways are ready. Then we go in with the body detoxification. Start moving those toxins out of the cells. And then on the third phase, 30 days later. So, this has already been 60 days of detoxification. I think it takes at least 90 days to really start truly moving toxins out of someone’s body where they’re going to see some benefit. That’s my belief structure. No matter what they are doing. It takes time. 

It took me eight solid years of detoxification to get your life back. So, that’s our system and strategy. That’s how we work with people to give them real answers. And we do it. And we call it True Cellular Detoxification. 

Ari: Beautiful. So, question. You have the chelating chemicals, DMSO, DMPS. Sorry-

Warren: DMSA. 

Ari: DTA, not DMSO. There is another compound called DMSO. 

Warren: Right, I do that all the time by the way. 

Ari: Well that makes me feel good because you’re the detox expert. 

Warren: Well, DMSA and DMSO. DMSO, there was an agent by Dr. Boyd

Hailey called OSR. So, I used to OSR, because it was fat soluble detox. It was like a double feelgood binder. I would put it inside a DMSO, which is a fat that absorbs through your skin. I always got that confused after that. 

Ari: So, we have these different compounds. DMPS, DMSA, EDTA that are true binders. But really are best done in the context of being treated in a clinic by a physician who specializes in that area.

And I’ve heard, honestly, quite a mixed bag of reports on those compounds. And then you have zeolite, which you’re saying is also a true binder. 

Warren: Yes. 

Ari: And my impression is the safety profile is much better than things like DMPS and EDTA. 

Warren: They are just more gentle. It’d be like giving someone, trying to pull a bunch of heavy metals out at once. Even one 100 milligrams. It’s probably like drinking, you know, two or three bottles of Cyto Detox at once. So, it’s not low and slow. It’s not how you got there. It is trying to get it out quickly. And that’s great with acute poisoning. Acute meaning happening right now. You are full of lead. You have lead in your blood. It’s killing you. Get some DMSA in there, great. 

But again, there are some good protocols. You can do four days on DMSA. DMSA needs to be taken every four hours, which makes it much safer because there is a four hour half life. DMPS has to be taken every eight hours. That’s another big mistake that doctors make. Even great functional medicine docs. I don’t understand why. You’ve got to keep those binders up in your bloodstream so they’re not stirring things around. Because you’re putting a high dose in there and it’s moving stuff around. Then it goes away. And the dust is still floating around. And you didn’t give another bolus of the product to keep it up in your bloodstream to continue to clean. And you need to do it over time, for four days, so you are getting a lot of the loss stuff out there. The loss dust that is available. And after four days, most of that loss stuff is gone. And then, you take a break and the toxics start to redistribute back out into the more easy areas, if you will, the interstitial fluids in areas where you can pull them out easily.

So, now you see why you need a practitioner. There are some really unique, safe ways to do it. And if you’re really sick, it’s really hard to start with something like DMSA. You’re already fatigued. You don’t have cellular energy. Your body is not working. And you are taxing it too much. It just doesn’t have the energy to do a detox. That’s why I like starting low and slow with something like cyto detox, where we took all the heavy metals, below analytical detection, all the heavy metals out of the cages of the zeolite. Because in the environment, they’re load with heavy metals. They are electronic sieves. They just gather heavy metals from rain, groundwater, and soils. They are sitting in the environment. And they are loaded form their formation. They’re volcanic formation. There’s so many heavy metals in volcanic formation, volcanic ash, right? 

So, they are loaded with heavy metals. 

Ari: I was going to ask, where do zeolites come from? Sounds like they come from volcanic ash. 

Warren: Yeah, volcanic ash that gets blasted into typically seawater. We weren’t there to see it happen. But, you know, that’s the belief.

Ari: Got it. And then you take those zeolite and you put them through a chemical process to get rid of the heavy metals that are in there now. So, they have an open cage, as you call it, to bind new heavy metals. 

Warren: And we have a patent pending on that. And we the patent pending on breaking these things down. We do two things. We do seven step process to clean out the cages. So, when we measure this on an ICP mass spec, where no detectable levels of lead, mercury, arsenic are below detection. No product does that. None whatsoever. The closest and cleanest product is still 40 times higher in toxins based on the detection limit of lead. So, that is based on our detection limit. So, we’re below detection limits. We are at or below detection limit. 

And the one above, the cleanest one I could find was 40 times higher. Some of them are 400 times higher in that stuff. And plus, the availability. The neat thing about ion exchange is that it exchanges are something lighter for something heavier. Heavy metals are heavier. So, that’s what they do in the environment. There might be a sodium sitting in this cage and then a mercury would much rather be in there. So, it changes out like a magnet. I want this heavier thing for this lighter thing. It’s really like a metal magnet. 

Ari: That relates to my next question. So, zeolites, people have heard maybe that zeolites capture toxins.

Warren: Any positively charged toxins, correct. 

Ari: How do they know which things to capture? First of all, are they capturing a broad spectrum of toxins? Or is it specifically metals? And then second of all, how did they know to capture, let’s say, lead, mercury, or arsenic as opposed to iron? Which is normally supposed to be in our body. Or as opposed to zinc or some of the other metals that we have floating around in our body that are normal healthy as trace minerals.

Warren: Yeah, there’s something called an ion exchange ladder. And I used to study this in clays. Clays are iron exchangers. So, there’s an ion exchange ladder of things that it’d rather have versus things that it would not rather have. It would much rather get rid of a sodium and exchange out a healthy mineral, magnesium, or a calcium that hadn’t been in that cage in the ladder. So, it’s going to anything lower on the ladder, it’s going to want to put something heavier in the ladder.

So, that’s why it loves mercury, arsenic. They are at the top of the ladder. They’re going to beat out and win every time. So, that’s why, you know, the amount you are putting in is a low dose of detoxification. Low and slow. It takes time, guys, but it gets results. It takes time. 

You know, if you are going to do cyto detox, you have to stay on it for at least three months to see some results. Some people sleep better and things like that right away, if they have some stuff floating around and inflammation. But it just takes time. So, that’s ion exchange ladder. 

There is some research that it binds mycotoxins. Mycotoxins from mold. They are also positively charged. Glyphosate is positively charged. I can’t say that I’ve seen research on that. My hope is that it does. I’ve seen some anecdotal evidence of people lowering their glyphosate levels. Taking binders like ours. But I can’t tell you for sure. But I do know for a fact that this stuff will make you urinate out extra lead, for sure. 

Ari: And that’s primarily the excretion pathway? The zeolites are in our circulation, they pick up metals, primarily in the blood or do they also enter our cells? 

Warren: That is patents number two that we applied for. So, what we did is sand. It comes in sand. And that’s what most people do, they put sand in the bottle, right? Micronized it, make it small, but not cellular. And none of it leads the gut.

So, what we did is break it down into gut size. So, a gut toxin will have multiple honeycomb cages, right? With all kinds of binding. We have gut size. We have sizes that will just enter the bloodstream. And then we have the little teeny ones that are small enough. Usually it’s just a cage, cage and a half, two cages, the angstrom level that can cross the cellular membrane. And then, you have the cellular stuff. 

Now, the small stuff, right? You can sweat it out. It’s small enough you can sweat it out. But the guy stuff is going to go out through the gut. The blood stuff can go out through the kidneys and the liver. Which the liver would take it out of the gut. But the really small stuff, you could breathe it out, sweat it out. It’s tiny. 

Ari: So, are you talking about different products? Or are you talking about different sizes of zeolite that are all within cyto detox?

Warren: We have a range. There are some different size and the angstrom size. But they are different things. But to make it simple, say we have it from point one nano-meters up to 2,000 nano-meters. Well, not 2,000 nano-meters. Two nano-meters in size. So, there is a size range that we have. But angstroms are what really matters. Because it has to be a certain angstrom to be able to across the cell membrane. 

So, we created a product that has all those different cages in there. Cleaned up and then broken down in different sizes. We have data to prove all this. 

Ari: That’s cyto detox? 

Warren: That is cyto detox. 

Ari: All those different sizes? 

Warren: Wrapped it up in fat so that it can cross cellular membranes better.

We also put some folic acid in there which also have a binding capacity as well and can exchange off some minerals as well. So, we did it right. Glass bottle, glass tincture. And so, it’s more expensive. Well, it’s right around the same range of other products that are out there in our class. Not really in our class. None of them do any of that stuff. I know what it takes. I know all the sources. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years. We’re really out to help people. And I just you know, I always like to be honest, Ari. I am who I am because of the challenges that I’ve been through, because of my background in science. 

And it’s made me congruent and authentic and be able to truly be able to tell people, “Look, we’re doing something right for you in the products that we’re creating.” Not everyone’s like that. I’m not going to blame them for who they are. They just didn’t have the blessing of the challenges I had in my life to keep me on a really good path. And a really passionate one for helping people because I was just like many of you. So, it’s my honor and privilege to be able to share the things that I learned with you all today.

Ari: So, one more question, I have for you. Let’s say someone’s been eating healthy. They’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for not just many months, but also many years at this point. They’ve got things pretty dialed in, right. Do they have to go through some giant, you know, detox protocol involving10 day fasts, detox diets, and all that kind of stuff? Or if they’ve already been healthy and eating a good diet for many years, can they just incorporate cyto detox into their routine? And get some results from them?

Warren: Well, I might answer that two ways. Let me read you a testimony of someone who did our 90 day program. And it was sum it up, right? 

So, the answer is, yes. They do. And yes, they can even do something more aggressive and more long term and even get more stellar results. This is the unsolicited. Just a happy, happy human when he did our full program. And his name is Michael. “True cellular detox is one of the best decisions of the year. Detox isn’t just for the ailing and unwell. In my case, I start out feeling great and I went to an entirely new level of high performance and personal transformation. If you think you have what you need for the journey before you step in the powerful world to true cellular detox. You might find lifestyle is a more magic and than I imagined I did.” 

And this to this, he was running marathons. Casually biohacking for years. Helped develop bleeding edge high technology, helping Microsoft holographic computing platforms. This guy’s a genius. Halo lenses from research to the market. Even International space station. Guy is superhuman, right? Superhuman energy. He’s a bio-hacker. He actually came to us through a mutual friend of ours, Ben Greenfield. He said, “I want to do something.” And Ben recommended, “You do this.” 


“So, why detox? Why detox? I’m superhuman already. I was curious”, he says. “I just wanted to experience what would happen if I applied all my faculties to truly living the healthiest, fullest, and most present life I could be. What might this be like? Does this experience I have in life plateau? Or can I expand it further? That’s kind of the point. 


I’m going to read some of his testimony. What happened to him. We don’t realize the lights have been dimmed in our life. We don’t realize that we plateau. We don’t realize our full potential. And that’s same with psychology. We beat ourselves up, tell ourselves we’re not great, then we realize that God made us all brilliant. Katie bar the door, we can start changing the world, when we start believing that we have something to offer this world. But toxicity can and does suppress those emotions of feeling good about yourself. And if you don’t have cellular energy, you don’t feel good about yourself. You don’t have testosterone, libido, all that stuff. So, it’s so critical. Detoxification connects to so many things. 


He had lab work done prior to it, he says. A lot of lab work. “I put three years of health. I was interested in making progress on hormones, metals, and papalism.” Papalism, energy. “I picked goals. And three months later, I knocked it out of the park in two areas. It appears that things went better in other areas of my life as well. As I got a promotion. But more importantly, I get a much greater sense of connection and camaraderie with my wife and children. Priceless. If that wasn’t enough, even stranger, perhaps more extraordinary things happened. And I started collaborating on projects with my favorite authors, business leaders, and heroes. And curiously, I started to discover more time and space in my life. I went from reading a book a month, to reading six books a month. I had more time for spiritual growth and contemplation, all from detox. Strange, isn’t it.”


It’s not strange, guys. That was me. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t collaborate. I was mean to people because my hormones were off. I didn’t want to pursue a wife. I wasn’t kind to people. So, when you start detoxifying, I believe, detoxification, if you look at the study and how Rome was taken out by what? Lead. It takes out a nation. Why? You don’t collaborate. You become self-focused. You can’t connect with people. You’re angry. You lose your brain. Mercury disease. Mad a hatter they call it. 


So, when I say detoxification is more important than nutrition for having superhuman energy. This is why. Because it just douses down your life. It douses down your relationships. Because it’s dousing down your energy. It’s dousing down your hormones. And you don’t realize your potential. So, I know you unloaded a can of worms on me when you said a healthy person should detox. You probably didn’t expect a fiery answer like this. But that is the person who should be doing it. Because they are not so bad that they can’t go through this process smoothly and effectively. And get an even higher level of benefit. Just like Michael did, that you could ever imagine. 


Ari: Yeah. Beautiful. So, I take it then, that the answer is yes, you can incorporate this if you’ve already got your nutrition, your lifestyle pretty dialed in. This is a nice thing that you can add on an ongoing basis, correct?


Warren: Absolutely. Yes. 


Ari: Okay. Well, honestly, I you know, I used and experimented with zeolites many, many years ago. And I kind of remember at one point years ago kind of looking at some science and I found some bits of evidence, but nothing like what you’ve presented here today. And I’m personally very, very impressed with what you presented. And I want to start incorporating this and get my get my wife on it as well. So, I’m actually going to start this personally. 

Warren, you know, we’ll just put a link on the page for this presentation. So, for the Summit page, we’ll get a link on there that drives people to cyto detox. If people are interested in learning more from you and following your work, is there anywhere else that you want to direct them? Or just kind of cyto detox is the thing to get? 

Warren: Well, I’m a behind the scenes guy. So, I mean, I do have a Facebook page and stuff like that. I’m not super active on it. But I will tell them that I’m definitely on a mission right now. And I’m the type of guy that wants to disrupt the industry. Because I believe that toxicity is robbing people. I believe toxicities loaded in our supplements. And there’s no good regulations to test for it. I believe it’s loaded in our foods. 

So, I decided to create a for profit business called the Non-Toxic Project. Ari, I haven’t even told you about this yet. It is a brainchild of mine over three years ago. And I’m just about ready to launch it. The website is still in development. I’m getting articles and things built up. It’s live right now. But it’s on a mission to hold companies accountable to providing non-toxic solutions. And I do it through testing. And I do it through marketing as well. 

So, if I want to get a company to do the right thing, one, the best way to motivate them is to get them more customers and know that customers are going to buy more of their products because you’re creating that customer connection. They know that it’s safe and healthy for their bodies. They’re educated consumers like us. I test every supplement that we resell on our site. We’ve been testing supplements for years. We have to do this, why can’t I create a certification and a movement called the Non-Toxic Project that allows people to understand and realize that what they are consuming is not going to pollute them with those toxic heavy metals or the foods that they are eating. I want to expand it as much as I can and as fast as I can. And stand in the gap between regulation, businesses, and the general public. 

So, you didn’t know that. But I wanted to share that. And I’m going to launch a podcast and some things like that. So, I’m going to get out there and start doing a few things. Even though I’ve been behind the scenes for many years. 

Ari: Very cool. I love it. Awesome, Warren. We’ll thank you so much. I really appreciate it. For everybody listening, if you’re interested in cyto detox, as I am, you can get it at the link on this page. 


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