Dr. Lisa Koche’s Top Strategies For Optimizing Health

Content By: Ari Whitten & Dr. Lisa Koche

In this episode, I am speaking with Lisa Koche, M.D.—triple board-certified in internal medicine bariatrics and anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and founder of the Spectra Wellness Solutions. Her experience with childhood leukemia and heart failure has led her to focus on treating the root cause of disease when helping her patients. We will talk about her top strategies for optimizing health.

Table of Contents

In this podcast, Dr. Koche will cover:

  • The pros and cons of muscle testing (And how she uses it in her clinic)
  • The effects of intuition and energy healing on patients
  • How to use IV light therapy for improving health
  • The importance of bridging the gap between conventional medicine and “pseudoscience”
  • The critical role mitochondria play in health

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