Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

Content By: Ari Whitten

In this episode, I am speaking with Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D. – a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, who holds four degrees from MIT. Dr. Ayyadurai has had a love for medicine and complex systems since he was a child, observing his grandmother who was a farmer and healer in India, where he was born. We will discuss the untold secrets about the latest pandemic, and how it may affect your future health.

Table of Contents

In this podcast, Dr. Ayyadurai will cover:

  • The different approaches to health (and why they are both essential to health)
  • The critical role of your immune system and why you need to support it
  • The number 1 source of deaths in the world (it is NOT what you think!)
  • Are mandatory vaccinations the only way to stay healthy?
  • Why the Gates Foundation promotes mandatory vaccination in the US (this should SCARE you!)
  • What does statistics actually say about death rates due to a pandemic (and how these correlates to other socially accepted causes of death)
  • How people have been inoculated against diseases for centuries
  • The number 1 reason for the decline of infectious diseases

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Dr. Ayyadurai: Hi everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. I’m doing a live with Ari Whitten from Energy Blueprint. It’s my first time doing something with somebody else, but Ari’s online. If you want to go see this, it’ll be up on YouTube. It’ll be on IGTV following this at– Ari, your podcast is Energy Blueprint, right?

Ari: Yes, The Energy Blueprint.

Dr. Ayyadurai: The Energy Blueprint. You guys can also see it out there. I think we’re good. Go ahead, Ari. I think we’re all set.

Ari: I’m going to give you a brief intro here. For everybody listening in, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai holds four degrees from MIT. He’s a Fulbright scholar and has started seven successful high tech companies including Echo Mail, Cytosol, and Systems Health. He’s currently the founder and CEO of Cytosol Inc. which is discovering cures for major diseases from pancreatic cancer to Alzheimer’s. He’s also the founder of the Center for Integrative Systems that is the home of innovation core and clean/raw certifications. He’s also notably running for US Senate right now. Welcome to the show, Dr. Ayyadurai. It’s such a pleasure to have you.

Dr. Ayyadurai: Welcome everyone. I just wanted to let everyone see what Ari was doing, but go ahead, Ari. Let’s start. We have about 45 minutes.

How the immune system works in your body

Ari: First of all, tell me about your background in systems biology and how this relates to immune health. I want to talk about how all of that fits into the current picture of this Coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Ayyadurai: Yes. Let’s talk about that. I just want to make sure I can give you the speaker view. I have you, great. One of the important things to understand here is that I’ve had a deep, deep interest in systems since I was a kid, because, I think I’ve mentioned this, I grew up in a world where the way that people looked at the body was as a system. This was traditional systems of medicine. I also grew up in a world where you had to figure out how to interact with the nature around you. In traditional systems of medicine in India, it was called [foreign language] I was exposed to that as a kid, but it was basically a systems approach to the body in retrospect. You didn’t see the body as a bunch of parts. You saw it as an interconnected system of system of systems. In order to take it that way, the ancient traditions developed their own language. They developed like a metal language, fire, earth, metal, water or [foreign language]. I’m throwing out these words just to let you know that these words may seem very weird to a westerner. When my grandmother used them, you understood them intuitively. That was one life I lived in. When I came to the United States as a kid, I was very deeply interested in medicine. By the time I went in and out of MIT, did many degrees by 2003, a new field emerged in Western medicine called systems biology, because what had happened was, western science was recognizing that a very reductionist approach where you take a complex thing and you look at just the parts was not working. I’ve had this interesting opportunity to understand a systems approach from the Eastern side as well as the Western side, but the idea is to really recognize that we need to interconnect things at all different layers from the molecular layer, the cellular layer, the tissue layer, to building the whole understanding. That’s a bottoms up approach that western scientists are trying to replace. The Indian systems of medicine actually had a meta level, understanding, you know, a top-down approach. From a research standpoint, the systems health university and science that I built is a top-down piece. Cytosol is my other technology, is a bottoms down– I have this unique fortune where I can help you look at both sides and interconnect them.

Ari: Beautiful. We’re discovering more and more in western science. Things like the gut brain axis, the gut skin axis, the gut mitochondria axis, the gut lung axis, how nutrition interacts with our mitochondria. For example, how circadian rhythm interacts with our brain health, and our mitochondrial health, and our gut health. We’re discovering all these interconnections and the science is emerging. Yet the traditional medical model, conventional medical model is still very much siloed. All of these different specialties are separate. There are very few people out there who are connecting the dots in terms of systems biology. This is especially important in terms of the coronavirus outbreak when it comes to immune health. Talk to me about your vision of immune health and how it differs from the convectional medical models view of immune health?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Yes. I think one of the important things to understand is, first of all, if you start looking at the body as a system, the next thing you need to understand is, what is the language that you start using? How do you even start understanding the body as a system? That’s probably one of the most important things. While that leads you, do you take a organs systems approach? Western traditional scientific approach has been the Western medicine of looking at the body where you take the body and you break it up into a bunch of parts. You have people who are cardiologists who just study the heart and that’s a specialty, or you just study the lungs, a pulmonologist where you just study the kidneys and so on. That is an organ-based model of studying medicine. More recently, I think functional medicine has come. The problem is functional medicine in some ways is a not so obvious establishment in my view. It’s basically the same old thing and they’re attempting to do a little bit of systems approach, but their foundation is not a systems approach. The way we really get to the real understanding of this is a very different approach, and that really led me to build this whole new methodology called Systems Health. Where you start looking at the body as an engineering system and you need to build a language which you can actually borrow from an engineering systems theory. That’s what I created. What Systems Health allows you to do, is to stop saying, “Okay, I need to go to medical school to understand how the body works.” A lot of my friends who are car mechanics who started learning the body, they actually at the body in a very different way, not organ systems. The engineering systems approach if you go to general systems theory, teaches you a very different way of looking at the body. Forget organs, forget tissues, forget cells and by the way, I can talk in that language. Imagine that the body is made up of three phenomenon, the transport of energy or transport of information or the transport of matter, but the key thing being transport. The second thing, imagine the body is made up of conversion of information, matter or energy. The third thing is, imagine the process of storage or providing the structural elements of information, matter and energy. I’m not even talking organs or cells or molecules or molecular pathways, I’m talking about transport, conversion and storage. What makes you different than me, is that your body has a certain processing capability of transport of information, matter and energy, conversion and storage than mine. Consider it in a very simple example, let’s look at something like a Ferrari. A Ferrari moves very fast, an SUV moves a lot slower, two different types of ways that they transport. Conversion, the Ferrari probably has a much higher revving engine. The SUV has a different kind of engine which is really for long-hauling. Storage, you can’t store a lot of stuff in a Ferrari, but you can store a lot in an SUV. You see what I’m saying? Now, take a difference between a laptop and a huge mainframe computer, same thing. The transport of information from the keyboard, what goes on the screen, that’s the input IO operation, the conversion is a CPU and the storage is the physical hard disks. A big, massive mainframe may have a lot more hard disk capability than your small laptop. In that case, a laptop is a Ferrari and your big mainframe is very different like the SUV. Follow what I’m saying?

Ari: Yes.

Dr. Ayyadurai: The difference between an F-15 fighter jet which is created to go very fast, go on precision, in and out and get out of a situation, versus very differently than like a C-30 cargo plane. The reason I’m sharing this is that engineering man-made systems have this concept of different levels of transport, conversion and storage. Well, in traditional systems of Indian medicine, for example, though they didn’t know what the problem with a lot of the Ayurveda and Siddha and these medicines or even Chinese medicine is, the Westerner looks at that medical doctor and they say, ” Oh, this is a bunch of bullshit. These people are just practising some witchcraft. What is this vata-pitta-kapha, fire– ?” They don’t understand it. One of the big things that happened for me after I finished my PhD and went to India on a full break was, I actually made a huge breakthrough in recognizing that those systems of medicine were not medical systems. They’re actually engineering systems. What they call transport, conversion, and storage, they used a different word, vata-pitta-kapha for example in Ayurveda, or you can look at aspects in the Chinese medical system when they had fire, water, earth, metal. The earth and the water are like the storage element. Think about, you need earth and water to create a cement structure. The conversion element is the fire element. If you look at the wood element and the water element, they’re really aspects of the flow of water. They’re really the aspects of the transport element. Anyway, that was a big breakthrough because in those systems of medicine, every food that you took or every input you took, had a property of transport, conversion, and storage. They didn’t say it this way. This was I think the big contribution I’ve made is to start looking at this from an engineering system standpoint. What emerges out of this is I can teach anyone to understand the body as an engineering system using this approach. Let the medical guys do their own thing, but I’m saying we need to build a different way to look at the body. Everything I’m saying here, every engineer would understand this. The problem is, the medical model that we have today was not created to actually take care of the body and maintain it long term, it came from wartime medicine. The modern system of medicine was to put a soldier back on the field. After he’s hurt or whatever, mangled up, is to give him antibiotics, steroids, and surgery. Now, these are very valuable things in the unfortunate event something horrible happens to someone today, but they have nothing to do with maintaining the body. When my grandmother looked at your face, she could identify what was appropriate for you. What was the right thing for you to do versus what was right for me and that determined your particular system state, and then you can look at the disturbance from that state. The idea was simple, who is Shiva? That’s you. Ferrari, are you an F-15 pilot? Based on that, if you’re deviating from that, the issue is, “What are the things I can give you to get you back to you?” Now, the theory is, if you take care of your body and you bring it into homeostasis, your body takes care of itself. It’s very much like if you keep your car well maintained, it takes care of itself in many ways, but you have to make sure you’re giving it the fuel, you’re cleaning it, et cetera. When you look at the immune system, the immune system itself in my view is fundamentally the whole operating system of the body, because if you take care of the immune system, you fundamentally take care of your whole body because it goes back billions of years. If you don’t believe in evolution, well, it goes back to the beginning of actual design, it is a thing that is created to protect your whole existence. If you’re not getting enough sunshine, and you’re eating horribly, well, you’re going to create a disturbance in that. You need to bring it back into alignment. Now, that disturbance for you may be different for me, some people can take a lot. They can treat their body like crap, and you say, “Jesus God, that guy drinks and he smokes, and they’re fine, and other people can’t.” This is why medicine has to be personalized. Each one of us is a little bit different than another person. The immune system has that same variation, but I can tell you this, from a systems standpoint, the immune system was designed to be used, to be not stressed, just like your body. You were supposed to get pathogens, in the normal case, the body gets stronger and stronger, and builds its own immunity. If you are immunocompromised, which means your body is off-kilter originally, then you’re going to– Basically, your own body starts attacking itself. It has an overreaction. This is what we call a cytokine storm or a weakened and dysfunctional immune system. In this entire discourse, what’s really, really fraudulent in my ways with Fauci and all these people surrounding Trump, frankly, they don’t even talk about this. None of them, not one of them has said, “Let’s give frontline medical care workers, if they still care about them, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C.” None of them has said, “Hey, let’s take all the critical people, whether it’s coronavirus or not, let’s give them IV drips of 100 grams of vitamin C.” By the way, anything I’m saying has been done for hundreds of years.

The role of vitamins in improving immune health

Ari: Actually, there are all kinds of media reports coming out basically trying to bash and frame as inaccurate anybody claiming that vitamins have any relevance to helping people survive coronavirus, or boost their immune system. All these media reports saying, “Oh, it’s impossible to boost your immune system, vitamins won’t help you,” all kinds of things like that. What’s your take on what’s going on with the seeming media efforts to discredit any role of supplements or vitamins to improve health?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Look, we got to get to a point in the world now where we say, “To hell with all the Big Pharma.” The Big Pharma Deep State is evil. They need to be completely destroyed and annihilated. Sometimes you have to destroy before you can create. I think that’s where we’re at right now. My name, everyone says, “Shiva. Shiva has a property of destruction and creation.” One of my mentors, Frank Zane, who was the only guy who beat Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank used to say, “You have to do destruction before you can create. Sometimes you have to break down your body before you can start building.” That’s where we’re at. We have created such a corrupt freaking world and we have outsourced our dignity and our responsibility for our health to people like the CDC, to people like– Unfortunately, look, MDs are very nice people but their education is they’re victims of a big pharma-based education. I have cousins where I grew up in India, who are MDs. They’re frankly, some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met. Not to say they’re bad people, but I would never want any of these people to ever touch my body or look at me. These people are the worst in the class. You don’t have to be that intelligent to be a doctor. However, when they come out of it with their little white coats and their little ties, they’re egomaniacs. We have to stop recognizing that these people came out of a medical model. Now, I frankly believe the surgeons and the anesthesiologists are very different. They actually have to live in the nuts and bolts because they have to solve problems in real time. Not to say there aren’t good MDs, but most of them are basically if-then-else statements. If this then this, if this then this, else this, and that’s the way they learn medicine, but they’re taught to be egomaniacs. The entire medical model of Big pharma is designed that they don’t want a simple solution. What about sunlight? Well, that’s too simple. What about green leafy vegetables? Oh, that’s too simple. What about vitamin A, D, and C? We have to recognize they want complexity, just like academia wants complexity because that’s how these freakin guys survive. They’re like the boogeyman. They’re like the Voodoo doctors. They make problems which do not exist to define their own existence. When I put that protocol out there, I took time, it’s a three-page letter to Trump. It basically says, “Let’s practice personalized medicine. You have to balance immune health and economic health. Let’s get all the healthy people, give them DNA, get them back to work.” There’s nothing here saying that– We have 380 trillion viruses inside ourselves. Anthony Fauci should be indicted, in my view, the guy’s a complete scumbag. He made his entire life creating the causality, false causality of HIV causes AIDS. It’s total nonsense. He created a whole career on this. HIV does not cause AIDS. There’s millions of people with HIV, they’re not dying. 70% of Zambia, I believe has HIV. This notion that a virus comes in– Ask the average MD, “How does a virus and a vaccine work?” They go, “Oh, it’s like a big, some alligator that goes, enters you and starts eating away at your endothelial tissue and that’s why you start bleeding from Ebola.” It’s not true. What happens is the viruses are constantly coming in and out of our body, every instant, every millisecond, our body knows how to process it or we wouldn’t exist. What is the problem is a dysfunctional, weakened immune system caused by poor choices and infrastructure where we have dirty air, dirty water, dirty food. The lawyer, lobbyists, politicians and the deep state of Big Pharma has no intention of fixing that. That’s what this is about. People better wake the F up because what we’re seeing, we’re at a very interesting point in human history because we could go into a golden age or a deep, deep, dark age. That’s what 2020 is about. We’re watching it play out right now.

Is the current pandemic really a threat to humanity?

Ari: What’s your overall take on the seriousness of this virus? There’s everything from people who are saying this may not be more severe than a seasonal flu or a severe seasonal flu, to I have friends on the other end of the spectrum, and I have friends on both end of the spectrum here, but the other end of the spectrum are people who are like, “We’re all going to die. This is going to kill millions of people. The only sensible thing that we can do is lock ourselves indoors for as long as it takes for them to develop a vaccine that’s going to save us all and anybody who suggests otherwise is irresponsible and is endangering people’s lives.” What’s your take on that?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Let them stay all day inside, let them say all day inside if that’s what they think. If they’re so ignorant about how the immune system works, let them be complete idiots because that’s what we’re looking at. This is no different than people in some village thinking there’s a Boogeyman and letting people control them. We’re looking at a world now where we’ve created a bunch of, frankly, vulnerable educated elites. We live in Massachusetts, Cambridge here, which is supposed to be the most intelligent people. The governor of Massachusetts says, “Go out for a walk.” Literally, like drones, people go out for a walk. You’re walking along with them, their dogs, and they’re looking at you very strange. It’s like you’re in some movie. These people have become drones. They do not have a mind because they’ve capitulated their own brains, and they’ve outsourced it to others. It’s the educational system and it’s frankly, many of these liberal elites are the racists. Let me explain what I mean by that. They have traditional systems of medicine from indigenous cultures, black and white and brown, I’m not drawing issue here. I’m talking about a concept that traditional cultures always sought solutions which integrated the human beings’ economic needs, and their immune health. They used things in our own environment to do that. It’s a real disdain for traditional cultures and indigenous people who survived through a lot of this. That’s what I see taking place. It’s basically a crime to think that only a finite set of people– Bill Gates, think about this guy, he has basically become, he thinks he’s the Emperor. Who is this guy? He comes from a lineage of people who basically exploited others, including himself, exploited a lot of people. He think he’s a missionary to all the dark people in the world, right? He’s going to bring GMOs to Africa. He’s going to bring Big Pharma everywhere. He’s a big AG, Big Pharma guy. I think he’s sick, frankly. You’re looking at an environment now where we have a set of people who think they know better than everyone. In my opinion, it’s a web and I think all of this will come out, but the issue is, we should all get it out sooner. It’s the Gates Foundation. It’s Clinton Global Initiative, it’s Fauci, it’s the CDC, WHO, and China. These entities have made an unholy alliance against working people throughout the world who are starting to dissent before this. If you think about in Wuhan province, there was massive protests, which no one wants to talk about, anti-pollution protests, Hong Kong was blowing up. You had two populace leaders who came, Modi in India, Trump here. You had Venezuela massive protests. You had all those protests in France. All of them are gone now. Gone. Done. If people think this was not organized, it’s all right before you and the fundamental goal here is a deep state Big Pharma. Next year, this time, their goal is “Hey, I want to get my license.” “Really? You need to get your vaccines.” “Hey, I want to go into a gym.” “Where are your vaccines.” “Hey, I want to go play with my kids at this daycare center.” Nope. You need your– That’s where this is going to. It’s a Big Big Pharma deep state model. It is entirely intended to make trillions of dollars. That’s what we’re looking at not billions, trillions. They would crash the US economy forcing us to print $6 trillion so they, every year can get a recurring revenue of $7 trillion because imagine 7.2 billion people now having to pay, let’s say per capita about 1,000 bucks for farmers vaccines, because the pharmaceutical companies are losing money, they’re failing. Their entire model of drugs is not working. People are starting to eat healthier, people are waking up. Their only conclusion is, “Jesus, we’re going to have to force vaccinate everyone, and we’re going to have to make immunization the goal.” People need to get it through their heads that the pharma companies are phenomenal marketers, just the ultimate of marketing. What we’re witnessing right here is literally a performance art piece of the highest order taking place.

Why taking Dr. Ayyadurai’s words seriously is a must

Ari: There are people who will immediately be uncomfortable by everything you just said and will say, “This is a conspiracy theory. This guy’s wacko. He’s saying this is all a plan. This is all some big pharma plot. This is all nonsense because this is a real illness. This is killing people and I know so and so who’s affected. I’m a doctor on the frontlines who’s treating sick people. This is real. It can’t just be some conspiracy plot.” What would you say in response to people thinking that way?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Let’s go to the math. Math never lies. Physics never lies. We live in a world right now where a bunch of parents are being told by the educational department that the answer doesn’t matter anymore. Math doesn’t matter. Let’s look at the math. In the worst pandemic, Ari, and I want to leave the Spanish Flu out of it because that was done during a war, 50% got it. There were many other factors, we didn’t have sanitation, nutrition, vitamin A. If you look at the six major pandemics, what wa the total infection rate among our population? About 15%. What was the death rate? The death rate was around 0.3% among those that got infected. Let’s even say that this gets doubled. Let’s double it and let’s assuming doubling would be what? 30% of the United States, 90 million people or, whatever, 99 million people get it. Let’s keep it 90, and let’s say we double the infection rate to 0.3% to 0.6% By the way, there’s no population where 100% people have ever gotten anything but let’s assume 0.6%, where you get to 540,000 people who die. Let’s put that in context. Now, you have 540,000 people who are dying from this event. How many people die from heart disease? About 600,000, 700,000 people. How many people die from cancer today? About 500,000 people. How many people are dying from medical errors every day, which is the number third cause of death? It’s 440,000 people. How many people are dying from prescription drugs killing you? That’s about 200,000 people. In fact, if you add up the 200,000 prescription drugs and the medical errors, you’re more than people dying from heart disease. I haven’t seen a state of emergency which, frankly, should be called for that. I haven’t seen that shut down our economy for that. I haven’t seen it the economy being shut down by all these MDs who so care for the public health for the massive increase in obesity rates or the fact that 54% of kids have autoimmune disorders. I don’t see a public emergency being called for this at all but yet, we call a public emergency. How many people have died now in the US? What are the actual numbers Ari? You know what they are?

Ari: I don’t know. I think a few thousand.

Dr. Ayyadurai: A few thousand. Now you project 100,000 dying because Fauci, fear-based Pharma Fauci who bases his entire existence on fake science needs big numbers. He needs big numbers. I have friends who are working at different hospitals, small ones, there’s no one there. It almost seems like they’re moving this to the big hospitals to get nice video shots. That’s what it looks like to me. I would compel all of these doctors, let’s get on a call with all of them. Let’s do an actual thing where we can talk about the immune system and I want to ask them why they haven’t prescribed vitamin D. Why? You’ll find out because they know nothing about– They probably never even heard the word cathelicidins. They don’t even know that cathelicidins are created when you consume vitamin D and they are used to disrupt the cell membrane. That’s not taught in medical school. [crosstalk] interfere on a system in medical school. Doctors are the last people we should ask about the immune system. You can ask your doctor something when you are in a crisis situation and maybe someone hits your head in some way or you get in an accident, go to a doctor then because he knows, if this, then this. If this, then this, but they frankly do not understand how the body is a system. They’re unqualified and it’s time in this country, we realize, “Hey, look, western medicine is good in crisis care, great, but it knows jack about taking care of the body.” The fact that Fauci has not talked about vitamin D, he’s not talked about vitamin A, vitamin C. Either he doesn’t care about the human body, knows nothing about it or this is not a conspiracy. I think he’s on the Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation. CBC, go look at their directory, they’re revolving between pharma. Go look at the fact that 1.9 million people get adverse reactions and require hospitalization from prescription drugs. I don’t see an emergency being called for this. What we’re witnessing before our eyes is one of the greatest hoax there is in terms of the fear-mongering that’s being done. I’m not saying coronavirus is a hoax. I’m not saying that influenza is a hoax but the fear-mongering, the quarantining of healthy people to crash an economy, who does it actually serve and what do we get out of that? Just project yourself one year from now. Flu season comes, what do you think is going to happen? Your neighbor is going to come supporting Gestapo police coming into your home saying, “Ari, you better get vaccinated.” In fact, Denmark just passed a law that they have the right to come into your home with police and vaccinate you. What are we now? What you’re talking about is the end of freedom as we know it.

Are vaccines REALLY the way forward?

Ari: Now, a lot of people genuinely believe vaccines are perfectly safe and effective. They think that it is actually a good solution to have the Bill Gates model of let’s vaccinate the whole world. I think he’s even suggesting things like we should not let people travel unless they show that they’re up to date on their vaccines and things of that nature or at least they can show that they’ve been immunized for the coronavirus. What’s wrong with that vision? Why not force vaccinations on the entire world?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Let’s talk about that. It’s a good question. What is a vaccine? What is a vaccine? I’m asking you, what is a vaccine, Ari?

Ari: It’s usually some kind of attenuated form or particles of a virus or a bacteria that they inject into your system usually with-

Dr. Ayyadurai: What’s the purpose of a vaccine? What’s the goal?

Ari: To provoke an immune reaction to that substance and to [unintelligible] the body’s immune system to recognize that and already have the ability to fight it off.

Dr. Ayyadurai: Right. Now, let me ask you, if I sneeze on you and I have measles, why don’t I just sneeze on you? What’s wrong with that?

Ari: I guess they want to give you an attenuated form of that virus hat’s less capable of causing a real infection.

Dr. Ayyadurai: What is the difference between, let’s say, I sneeze on you and I have chickenpox and you getting the chickenpox vaccine. What’s the difference? What happens 10 years from when I sneezed on you in case one and you got chickenpox and we both went through chickenpox versus you getting the chickenpox vaccine? What happens 10 years down the road? What’s the difference?

Ari: Assuming the vaccine is effective, then 10 years down the road, we’re immune in either case. I guess it’s just a question of how many people got the severe symptoms and suffered or maybe how many people died as a result of getting the actual infection.

Dr. Ayyadurai: Right. When you look at the former model, which, by the way, in traditional cultures, people practiced for centuries. In villages, in societies, when one child got chickenpox, they brought the other child. Now, why did they do this? Or if a horse got some disease, they would put something over the horse’s head, it would sneeze and they would give it to all the other horses. That was their model of inoculation. Washington did this to help the troops for smallpox. It wasn’t an injectable vaccine. It was called [unintelligible] a small, slight abrasion incision. They took the whole smallpox vaccine [unintelligible]. So, the notion of giving people a disease has been used throughout human history. It was done for economic reasons. What I mean by that is if you had 100 farmers in a village and they all had to go plow the fields and they all had 100 horses, and you needed all 100 horses to get capacity, which was the economics sustainability of that country, of that village, you didn’t simply let one horse at a time get it, you inoculated them because you wanted your business to continue. You follow what I’m saying with this? This notion of exposure, strengthening the immune system to have society move forward has always been around long before vaccines. Now, along with that process, people had another thing called infrastructure. You made sure your roads were clean. You made sure your water pipes were clean. You had sanitation. Let’s go back to the fundamentals here. In 1900, what was the infectious disease rate among human population of the United States? Do you know what it was?

Ari: No idea.

Dr. Ayyadurai: 14 out of 100,000 people. Plus or minus whatever the number is. That was in 1900. Before the creation of the polio and measles vaccine, guess what that came down to? One half out of 100,000 people. That means 98% of the infection, in the case of measles, 98% of measles was wiped out before the measles vaccine. Question is how? Why? If you care about eliminating infectious diseases that was wiped out before, how did that happen? My question is, how did that happen?

Ari: Because of herd immunity, because we got it.

Dr. Ayyadurai: No. It occurred because of something very fundamental. It occurred because of sanitation. It occurred because of nutrition. It occurred because we ended child labor. It occurred because we started promoting vitamin A. It occurred because of refrigeration. It was called infrastructure, big infrastructure. That occurred, if you look at that graph from 1953, because in the late 1800s the American working people, everyday people rose up in militant protests in the United States. They demanded that the bourgeois, the elites in this country treat them not like animals anymore. Because of that, we saw that infectious disease rate come, same time when the so-called the massive Spanish flu epidemic took place because in that period, the elites in the world were treating working people like dirt. It was in the beginning of the industrial era. That’s what we need to think about. Infectious diseases, 98% of measles were wiped away long before vaccines. Bill Gates, he’s got his pretty home. He can send his daughters to nice equestrian places. He can shut down the economy because he’s got the money. What’s occurred since 1960, ’70 in this country is a destruction again of the infrastructure. How many pesticides are in our water? How many pollutants are in the air right now? Number one source of death in the world is air pollution. Dirty water, dirty air, and then dirty food. All brought to you by the same elites who control big AG and Big Pharma. That’s what they’ve done. They can’t even get bridges and roads fixed. The United States got a D+ in infrastructure. When a bridge is not taken care of in time, when things rot they go into the water systems. We’re talking about infrastructure is decaying in the United States. People’s immune systems are decaying and they cannot address that fundamental issue. That’s what we should have a public emergency. Massachusetts got an F–. Think about that, by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Massachusetts got a D+ in corruption. Highly corrupt. These are the same people down in Cambridge who want to create the vaccines. They’re a little biotech mafia. Let’s talk to Bill Gates, because he should be slapped upside the head a few times because he’s a complete charlatan because the truth is that the sanitation worker and the plumber did more for infectious diseases than Bill Gates will ever do. Or for that matter, the pharmacists or the medical. That’s what the data shows. That’s what the math shows. In the United States right now, we have growing numbers of immunocompromised people and those people, immune systems are decayed. You know what? For those people, you’re going to keep what, vaccinating them. How many vaccines are you going to give them? For every vaccine you give them, you compromise their immune system more. That’s what’s going on. It’s an addictive heroin crack model of the immune system. That’s what they want to do because they want us to get addicted to high sugar foods. This is just a fact. You can go look at the numbers. The FDA doesn’t let you label something jam or jelly unless it has 40% sugar. The entire policy in this country is being owned by a bunch of corrupt people. What we’re seeing right now, and this is why people need people like me in the United States Senate because in a crisis like this, people need to call out what is truth and what is reality. Bill Gates is taking advantage of this situation because he sees a huge monetary opportunity for him and his entities. Look, he doesn’t pay taxes. He moved all of his wealth outside of us. He should be paying taxes. Meanwhile, he gets to put it in a foundation, pay zero taxes except pay 5% he has to give away and he gets to determine policy. He gets to be the czar of the world. Who appointed him?

The best way to overcome this pandemic

Ari: I know we have a limited amount of time left. I want to make sure we address this specifically. You obviously disagree with– You’ve used a term fake science around a lot of what’s going on right now with- [crosstalk]

Dr. Ayyadurai: Particularly. I’ll talk about [unintelligible] Ari I want you to address that. What exactly is your solution for what should be done and why it’s not correct or why you think it’s not a good solution for people to just lock themselves in their home and wait for a vaccine?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Look, there is a solution. I this case, a long term and a short term solution are the only solution. They’re one. There’s no short term and long term, there’s one solution. That solution is, we need to make sure that people take care of their immune systems. It’s immune health, it’s immune health, it’s immune health. Well, how do you take care of your immune systems? Well, you have to ensure that you’re getting the right nutrients into the body for the right person at the right time. You have to make sure that the environment around you is conducive to that. That’s it. Whether it’s this virus, another virus, et cetera. That is a discourse that I’ve been, I think, fortunately my videos are going viral because people intuitively know, everyday people pretty have a lot of common sense. The people who don’t have common sense are the vulnerable, educated elites. Number one, what do we do to take care of our immune health? Well, it begins with vitamin D. It begins with the green vegetables. It’s really simple. It begins with getting the vitamin C. Is your thyroid working? These are simple things people could do today with a TSH test. Is [unintelligible] volume? Is your body digesting foods properly. You have the right density of hydrochloric acid and other things to digest your body, I mean, to digest in your stomach. Let’s start there. That’s like 90% of the solution that will govern your immune health. Now, relative to this situation, it is absolutely insane that the entire economy is being shut down. How many millions of people is that going to destroy? Well, the solution is you partition people, as I wrote to my letter to President Trump. Let’s take all the healthy people, make sure their vitamin D and A levels are proper and I recommended what I would do. The second level is immunocompromised. Those people need a good booster of D and A, vitamin D and A, and support. Then you take the people who actually have COVID-19 and give them a nice high dosage to protect them from any virus. Then the people who are in critical care in the ICUs, they should get those protocols but they should all be getting 100 grams unless they have some really serious dysfunction of vitamin C and drip. By the way, everything I’ve said is something that is in the literature, it’s well researched. It’s well studied. People can go to PubMed and just look at UVB radiation and immune system and you’ll see hundreds of papers written, a beautiful correlation between sunlight and immune function. What’s reprehensible is we’ve shut down the entire country and this entire modus operandi is to move us that vaccines and Big Pharma is the only solution. The whole flatten the curve model is nonsense. You flatten the curve, what? You’re basically taking this curve, you’re flattening it so you save time until what, the vaccine is created? I think that’s what this is about.

Ari: Until the vaccine is created or the other idea is minimize hospital overwhelm and deaths that [crosstlak] people not being able to get the ICU treatment or ventilators and things [crosstalk].

Dr. Ayyadurai: Right. We should really talk about the hospital infrastructure now. The GPOs and PBMs, this is a whole another discussion we could have. The level of corruption in the healthcare system where a five cents aspirin is sold for 50 bucks. Go actually start looking at the costs. Go look at the infrastructure disaster in most of these hospitals. Now we’re talking about a problem that was a pre-existing condition, which was a hospital decaying corruption that has taken place. The GPOs and the PBMs, who are the middlemen who cracked up the cost of everything. There are solutions for this. First of all, we should eliminate the Safe Harbor Act around 2000, which allowed these middlemen to even exist and pay hospital administrators kickbacks. As the truth will come out, which it will, you’ll find out that WHO was absolutely complicit in this corruption. The CDC, the Gates Foundation, the Chinese government, all of them are still involved in this and it’s going on right now. My fans, I just did a podcast, so people should start knowing the truth being their plight and finding their own way. The good news is there’s lots of information out there. The fundamentals are yes, we should take care of our [inaudible]. Yes, we should talk about the immunocompromised. Let’s support them with nutrients and support but that doesn’t mean we should be standing down the whole economy. This is like nonsense. The Emperor Fauci is driving all of this. He’s the one leading this effort and the economists on the back end are being told to backfill in for his BS, frankly.

Ari: I have a personal question for you and then I want to ask you to just have any final words that you want to share with people. My personal question is, I’ve been watching a lot of your videos. You’re calling these people out in a very fierce way. I keep watching your videos and I tell my wife, “This guy is just fierce.” That’s like the best word to describe you. I’m just wondering if you are at all concerned about your life. If what you’re saying is true, then are you concerned about them coming after you for trying to expose?

Dr. Ayyadurai: Well, it’s an interesting question you see. You have to come to the conclusion, Ari, what is life? What is life? Everyone needs to ask this. Everyone needs to become vocal when you understand the reality. It’s very, very simple. I grew up as an untouchable. We were considered the lowest caste of the lowest caste. I’m not even supposed to be here talking to you right now. To me, everything’s icing on the cake. I’ve got nothing to lose because where I came from, our people were supposed to be in bondage and treated as dirt like deplorables or untouchables. My views is this, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to interrogate is what it means to be a human being and from freedom, we’re able to delve in and discover truth, and from truth, we’re able to identify what’s right for ourselves to create health, and from health, we get stronger to fight for freedom. Freedom, truth, health, truth, freedom. See what I’m saying? If you don’t have freedom, what the hell are you? You’re like those drones I saw walking around there. I don’t care how much money you have. I don’t care how much wellbeing you have, you are a slave. That is the issue at hand right now. So, what does it mean to, “Wow, someone could hurt me, hurt me with what?” What do you want to be? Do we want to be a slave to a situation where you people can come into your home and you can’t move anymore, i you are not vaccinated, and you don’t follow their protocols? What kind of world are we creating, Ari? This is about, do we want freedom or do we want to be slaves? That’s where we’re at. This isn’t even dramatic. This question has come about every time in the human journey. Lincoln brought it up in the 1800s, Kennedy brought it up and I’m bringing it up. This is about freedom or slavery, and if you want to be a slave, go for it. I’m not going to be part of it. You can be a drone. You can do whatever you want. You can eat crap all day and you can get all the drugs, but you know what, my grandparents didn’t bust their ass in the fields of India with leeches all over themselves so I can get educated, nor did the working-class people in New Jersey who taught me what I know. That’s what I’m fighting for. I don’t give a damn for these people, and everyone should stop doing that and people should get fierce. What’s happened in the United States is people’s– You start hurting your body enough. Men lose their testosterone and women lose their estrogen and we forget who we are. We forget that we’re supposed to be warriors. We’re supposed to fight for our fellow humans. Otherwise, you’re not human anymore. You’re a robot, so people need to wake the hell up. This is not about me or you. It’s about what does it mean to be a human being. In my view, we’re sparks of God. What that means is we’re here to create and if you can’t create and someone like Bill Gates, who frankly stole someone else’s invention, and he grew up in a beautiful, nice environment with Mama and Papa, if he’s going to tell me what to do, screw him. That’s what this is about. It’s all founded on Big Pharma, Big Pharma, Big Pharma. Bill Gates owned a half a million shares in Monsanto. We’ve destroyed the biodiversity of many of these indigenous cultures, corn, and soy. That’s all they’re supposed to grow. I’m sorry. When I went back to my village in India recently the soil and everything is ruined by poisons. We’re not supposed to live like this. If people want to become robots, like whatever, integrated robots, go for it, you can do that. But everyone should have a choice. That’s what this is about.

Ari: Amidst this coronavirus outbreak, are there any final summary words that you want to leave people with? [crosstalk]

Dr. Ayyadurai: I think the summary words are people should understand, without freedom you can never get to truth, and without truth, you will never get health, and without health, you won’t have freedom. This is about your kids and your future. What kind of world are we heading into? Are we heading into a minimum-security prison? Is that what we’re heading into? This is not a conspiracy theory, when China has 200 million cameras. When we’re installing cameras everywhere that can read your lips, what freedom do you actually have? That’s what people should wonder and what choices are you making, and what does it mean to be a human being anymore? China is top-down, they treat their people like dirt. Are we going to become a colony of China? That’s what the question is. I’ll end with this, when the British came to India you know what they did? Indians used to produce the most amazing textiles, weavers, mills. You know what they did? They stopped manufacturing in India, shut down those people. In fact, there’s a story where they cut the thumbs of 5,000 weaver’s and they moved all of that to England, Manchester, England. Well think about what’s happened in the United States, we’ve moved all of our manufacturing to China. I’m not talking about nationalist or not nationalist, but the fundamental issue here is, what does the United States produce anymore? Where is this country headed? Are we becoming a colony of China? I’m not pro or anti-Chinese because the Chinese treat their people horribly. There was anti-pollution protests in China in Wuhan before all this took place. Are we entering into a state capitalist environment? 10 people merge with the government, control everyone else. That’s what Bill Gates wants. That’s what Mark Zuckerberg wants. That’s what Hillary Clinton wants. They do not want people from below thinking for themselves. That’s what this is all about. This has nothing to do with a virus. People should wake up. This is not about a virus. Your body has 380 trillion viruses inside of it.

Ari: Wow, a lot to think about. Dr. Ayyadurai, thank you so much for coming.

Dr. Ayyadurai: You’re welcome.

Ari: This has been pretty mind-blowing, to say the least, and thank you. I really appreciate you coming on the show.

Dr. Ayyadurai: Well, thank you for having me. Be the light. Take care.

Show Notes

How the immune system works in your body (19:19)
The role of vitamins in improving immune health (32:15)
Is the current pandemic really a threat to humanity?  (36:36)
Why taking Dr. Ayyadurai’s words seriously is a must ( 41:48)
Are vaccines REALLY the way forward? (47:33)
The best way to overcome this pandemic (56:13)

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