Energenesis – How To Use It & FAQ

What’s the difference between Energenesis and typical “energy drinks” and stimulant and caffeine-based energy pills?

It’s important to understand that Energenesis is NOT a typical stimulant or caffeine-based “energy supplement” or “energy drink.” Caffeine-, stimulant-, and sugar-based “energy supplements” are basically just stimulants that give you an instant jolt of fake energy for a few hours (by increasing stress hormones or overstimulating the brain). But most people are unaware that regular use of these stimulant-based supplements actually makes your energy levels WORSE in the long run.

This is not at all what Energenesis is designed for. It has no caffeine, no sugar and no added stimulants. This is a different type of supplement altogether from typical “energy drinks” and “energy pills.” This isn’t about giving a quick temporary boost of fake energy from stimulants (while making your energy levels worse over time).

Energenesis is about REAL ENERGY – it’s about BUILDING A HIGH ENERGY BODY.

The goal here is to actually build your “Cellular Engine” – your mitochondria – over time, so they become stronger and capable of producing more energy.

So while caffeine and stimulants gives quick jolts of energy for a few hours each day while progressing lowering your body’s baseline energy levels, Energenesis actually raises your baseline energy levels over time – it’s designed to have the long-term effect of actually building your body’s capacity to produce more energy on its own!

(Note: There are some ingredients that may also give a noticeable boost to your energy levels for several hours after you take it, BUT not like stimulants or caffeine. The real goal of this product is true long-term energy enhancement. It’s not a stimulant-based solution that gives a quick jolt  – it’s a genuine “Cellular Engine” builder! The real goal here is long-term energy enhancement.)

How to best use this supplement for optimal results – cycle it!

The best way to use Energenesis is to take it for 5 days, and then take 2 days off (e.g. Use Monday through Friday, and take Saturday and Sunday off). You may also use a pattern of 10 days on and 4 days off. Choose whichever option is more convenient to you.

This is called “cycling” your use of the supplement.

Note: There are 25 doses in each bottle, so by taking days off like this, you will have slightly more than a full month’s supply.

We suggest a pattern like this:








1 scoop per day

1 scoop per day

1 scoop per day

1 scoop per day

1 scoop per day




How to consume this supplement:

The tastiest ways of consuming it are either:

  1. Mixing into a milk (almond milk, coconut milk, dairy, etc.) to give a chocolate milk-like beverage.
  2. Mixing it into smoothie or juice. (E.g. Strawberries, banana and almond milk and/or nut butters… or a berry smoothie with greens, etc.)

We also suggest consuming it with a meal, rather than on an empty stomach.

Despite having a huge array of raw ingredients that do not taste good by themselves, we have spent a great deal of time developing this supplement to be palatable. So palatable that it can even be mixed in a cup of plain water and consumed like that, and most people find the taste pleasant. If you do not enjoy the taste like that, we suggest the above two options – mixing into a milk or a smoothie/juice.

For convenience, you may also mix it with water alone. For anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste and doesn’t want to mix with a milk or a smoothie, you can mix with a small amount of water and consume it very rapidly in about 5 seconds.

Note that not all the ingredients will dissolve in water, so some clumping of some of the ingredients is totally normal if you don’t use a blender. I.e. If you just pour it in water and mix with a spoon, it can work, but may have some clumps of some of the ingredients.

For best results and no clumps, we suggest using a blender or shaker cup to mix it thoroughly into the drink.

What time of day to take Energenesis:

You may take it all in one dose per day (morning is ideal), or two half scoops per day (one in the morning and one in the midday or afternoon).

How much to take:

  • Most people should take 1 scoop per day.
  • If you have medical issues or ME/CFS, start with a smaller dose (see advice below).
  • If you are a larger person or very robust/healthy, you may experiment with larger doses (up to 2 scoops per day).


Why cycle on and off?

You can potentially also use it on a daily basis. Nothing bad will necessarily result from taking it every day with no days off.

It’s simply that many of compounds are more effective in stimulating the mitochondria if the body gets an occasional break from them for a couple days every week. Think of it like rest days from the gym – just as you don’t want to work out extremely intensely every single day because having some lighter days or rest days leads to better results, the same is true with several of the compounds in Energenesis. We want to stimulate the mitochondria, and then give them an occasional break. So it is ideal to use it either in a pattern of 5 days on and 2 days off pattern, or a 10 days on and 4 days off.

How to take this supplement if you’re currently ill or have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, other diseases, or sensitivity to supplements:

If you have severe medical issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) or fibromyalgia or any other medical complications, it’s always a good idea to assume that your body will be more sensitive than other people’s bodies. Just as your body may be more sensitive to exercise or the harmful effects of stress, your body also may be more sensitive to many different supplements.

Given that, for people with any kind of medical issues or severe symptoms of any kind, we suggest simply starting with a low dose of Energenesis before going up to the full dose. We suggest starting with 1/4th of the full dose, assessing your body’s response (i.e. making sure you have only positive reactions) and then slowly building up to the full dose over the course of a week.

(Note: Negative reactions are extremely rare, but they can occur with a wide range of different supplements in those people with sensitive or fragile systems or serious medical issues.)


How does Energenesis work to affect your mitochondria and increase energy levels? (Benefits of the ingredients)

There are 6 key mechanisms to support optimal mitochondrial health.

  1. Mitochondrial Growth. Building the size of your mitochondria so they can produce more energy is one of the most important factors in increasing energy levels over time.
  2. Increasing Mitochondria (i.e. Mitochondrial Biogenesis). The more mitochondria you have, the bigger your “cellular engine” grows, the more energy you’re able to produce. Several ingredients in Energenesis are literally designed to stimulate this process of mitochondrial biogenesis – allowing your body to build more mitochondria from scratch.
  3. Repairing and Protecting Your Mitochondrial Membranes. Research has shown that one of the most potent ways to improve energy levels is to repair the physical membranes of your mitochondria. The most powerful ways to do that are with two key ingredients found in Energenesis: NTFactor phospholipids (which has incredible research showing huge increases in baseline energy levels in people with fatigue in a matter of weeks), and astaxanthin, which protects mitochondrial membranes from future damage. 
  4. Providing Cofactors Involved Mitochondria Energy Production. These are substances which facilitate the process of mitochondria producing cellular energy.
  5. Replenishing NAD+. NAD+ is a critical regulatory of mitochondrial energy production. Several key compounds in Energenesis help replenish the body’s supply of NAD+, like quercetin, N-acetyl cysteine, niacin/niacinamide, hesperidin and trans-resveratrol. 
  6. Building up the internal cellular and mitochondrial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification systems in your body. People speak about the importance of antioxidants, but don’t realize that our body’s internal antioxidant defense system is hundreds of times more powerful and more important. Several of the compounds in Energenesis don’t just work as antioxidants, but even better, they build up the body’s internal cellular/mitochondrial antioxidant defense system. R-ALA, EGCG, PQQ, Cordyceps, Panax Ginseng and others are powerful builders of the system that makes our mitochondria more able to deal with stressors and protect themselves from damage, which ultimately means that instead of getting shut down, they stay in High Energy Mode.

“I have a little itchiness in my throat after using it for about 15-30 minutes after taking Energenesis. Is something wrong?”

There is nothing wrong. That’s totally normal. It’s from the R-alpha lipoic acid, and is 100% normal and not anything to be concerned about. The sensation will subside in roughly 30 minutes.

“I experience tingling in my body after taking it. Is something wrong?”

No, for sensitive people, they may notice a very mild tingling or “flushing” from the niacin. It’s a very low dose of niacin, so most people won’t notice any body sensation or “flushing” from it. But if you’re particularly sensitive to flushing, you may experience it to a small degree. It’s perfectly normal and perfectly safe.

What to do if you have a negative reaction:

Negative reactions are extremely rare, but they can occur with a wide range of different supplements in those people with sensitive or fragile systems or serious medical issues.

Having any sort of serious negative reaction (e.g. allergic reaction) is extremely unlikely. If you do have any sort of concerning negative reaction, please seek out medical attention. (Just as you would do if you had an allergy to any food or any other nutritional supplement.)

If you experience any kind of more subtle negative reaction, you should simply try lowering the dose. The most likely reason for a negative reaction is simply that your body’s mitochondria may be in a weakened state. Several of the compounds in Energenesis work by stimulating the mitochondria and temporarily creating a higher demand on them. If your mitochondria are very weak state, they may be stressed by that. So simply start with a lower dose than the full dose.

Again, please use common sense: if you experience any concerning symptoms from any food or supplement, seek medical attention immediately.

“I noticed it says ‘contains soy’ on the label. I don’t eat soy, so what should I do? Why did you add soy to this?”

Regarding the “contains soy” on the label, please know, as the ingredient list shows, there is no soy protein or soybeans, tofu, etc added to Energenesis.

Energenesis has 1 gram of NTFactor patented phospholipid extract in it. Because this ingredient is an extract originally derived from soy lecithin, we were legally required to put “contains soy” on the label for anyone with a soy allergy.

Please note that this is NOT a harmful ingredient! This is actually one of the most powerful and evidence-backed ingredients for improving energy levels. If you google researcher Garth Nicholson’s research on Lipid Replacement Therapy, you’ll see for yourself that this is an amazing BENEFICIAL compound – i.e. not something to be concerned that is going to harm you.

Again, there is no hidden soy added to Energenesis. The ingredients on the bottle are exactly the same as those on the bottle. On the bottle we are just legally required to state “contains soy” due to the NTFactor phospholipid extract — which is a highly researched compound PROVEN to create health and energy BENEFITS.

Also, please note that even among people with a true food allergy to soy, it is extremely rare to react negatively to lecithin. See here for data on that: https://farrp.unl.edu/soy-lecithin

In general, even regular soy lecithin is not something to be really concerned about. (See here for a compilation of research on lecithin: https://examine.com/supplements/soy-lecithin/)

NTFactor phospholipid extract is certainly not something to be concerned about.

So if you’re concerned over “contains soy” and thinking that Energenesis is going to harm your health because of this, please understand how misguided that logic is. Again, the ingredient that “contains soy” is one of the most science-backed, and highly beneficial ingredients for people with fatigue ever discovered. In short, it’s GOOD for you!


What is the refund policy?

We allow you to unused and unopened bottles (still in the original packaging) within 30 days of purchase. So if you decide for any reason that you do not want to use Energenesis, send it back for a full refund. We do not offer refunds on opened or used bottles of Energenesis, because after opening, they are considered “potentially contaminated” and thus are unusable to us (i.e. we cannot resell them). So while we are happy to offer a full refund on all unopened bottles, we cannot offer refunds on opened bottles.

I.e. If you buy 3 bottles or 5 bottles of Energenesis, and after trying the first bottle, if you do not like it, you can send us back the remaining two or four unopened bottles for a full refund on the cost of the unopened bottles.

“I took it for the first time and I didn’t notice a big instant boost in my energy levels like with Red Bull or coffee or other energy drinks and pills I’ve tried. Does that mean it’s not working?”

It’s important to understand that this is NOT a stimulant or caffeine-based “energy supplement.” And for good reason! The use of stimulants or caffeine on a regular basis actually causes neurotransmitter adaptations in your brain that DECREASE your energy levels over time. So they give you a quick jolt for a few hours, but at the EXPENSE of worsening your long-term energy levels.

Energenesis is not intended to give you an instant jolt of fake energy (by increasing stress hormones or overstimulating the brain) as stimulant-based “energy drinks” and “energy pills” do.

The goal here is REAL ENERGY, ALL-DAY ENERGY – to actually build your body’s capacity to produce more energy by building the “Cellular Engine” (your mitochondria).

There are some ingredients that may also give a subtle noticeable boost to your energy levels after you take it for several hours, but the real goal is to steadily build up your body’s ability to produce energy on its own!

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