Jay Campbell on the Primary Role of Testosterone and the Most Common Causes of Low Testosterone

Author : Ari Whitten
Medical Reviewer: Evan Hirsch, M.D.

Jay Campbell is an international bestselling author, founder of the TOT (Testosterone Optimization Therapy) Revolution, and a global evangelist, teaching men, women, and their doctors how to optimize their hormones, their lives, and their happiness.

This article is derived from the Energy Blueprint Podcast episode with Jay on The Most Common Causes Of Low Testosterone (And How To Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

The Important Role of Testosterone

“Testosterone massively improves insulin sensitivity and suppresses blood glucose…Testosterone also does several things to lower inflammation.”- Jay Campbell

Testosterone is an important hormone and takes part in many processes within the body, including:

  • Improving insulin sensitivity and suppressing blood glucose
  • Lowering inflammation, which may slow down aging-related diseases and lower the risk of heart disease
  • Reducing amyloid plaque, which may combat dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders
  • Increasing bone mineral density
  • Building muscle mass

Due to testosterone’s multifaceted nature, it could potentially be used in innovative ways. Jay even thinks that optimizing testosterone levels should be a leading treatment for people with type 2 diabetes.

The Most Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

”The number one symptom and side effect of a testosterone deficiency is brain fog."- Jay Campbell
Most men think low testosterone is associated with erectile dysfunction. In reality, the number one symptom is brain fog. Brain fog typically manifests itself as cognitive decline and fatigue in the middle of the day.

For men whose testosterone levels get extremely low, life can become complicated. Jay explains: “A lot of guys when they get really low [on testosterone], they are ‘dead.’ They don’t want to wake up in the morning. They don’t want to go to work. They don’t want to be married. They don’t want to be a father to their children.”

The Most Common Cause of Low Testosterone

”We are seeing a global deficiency and almost a collapse of fertility in men because of declining testosterone levels. I would assume it’s mostly due to modern-day living.”- Jay Campbell

We are seeing a drastic decline in men’s testosterone levels. Many men will start experiencing symptoms of low testosterone at the age of 20. Compared to men who lived 60 to 80 years ago, men today have, on average, two to four times lower levels of natural testosterone.

So, what has changed?

Poor diet and sleep habits are also at fault. Many people tend to eat highly processed foods which, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, often results in being overweight. All of these factors affect your health and your ability to regulate and produce the proper hormones.


Testosterone is an important hormone and supports many vital processes in the body, from regulating your blood sugar to keeping your bone density and muscle mass in balance. It may also help protect against neurodegenerative diseases.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a global decrease in men’s testosterone levels due to modern, sedentary lifestyle habits. Men as young as 20 years old are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. By replacing some of these habits with physical activity and a healthy diet, you may see an improvement in your overall health and hormone balance.

THe Most Common Causes Of Low Testosterone and How To Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Jay Campbell

Click here to listen to the full podcast with Jay Campbell on The Most Common Causes Of Low Testosterone (And How To Use Testosterone Replacement therapy)

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Medically Reviewed ByEvan Hirsch, M.D.

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