Living with Hashimoto’s and Chronic Fatigue (Know Your Rights, Resolve Conflict, and Reduce Stress)

Content By: Ari Whitten

Living with HashimotosWhen diagnosed with Hashimoto’s your life changes, and you now have to find out what it means to live with the disease and all the symptoms (depression, weight gain, and fatigue) So, what does it mean to be living with Hashimoto’s?

This week, I am talking with Holly Bertone. Holly had to learn about what it meant to live with Hashimoto’s and Chronic Fatigue after she recovered from cancer. Not only that, she had to learn more about what her rights were. That lead her to write her book, Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease: Know Your Rights, Resolve Conflict, and Reduce Stress. She will uncover her own experiences and what rights you have.

In this podcast, you’ll learn

  • Holly’s story
  • What it means to live with Hashimoto’s
  • What some of your rights are when you suffer from a chronic/ autoimmune disease
  • How you can work with your workplace to find solutions to your challenges


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If you want to read Holly’s book, you can find it on Amazon.

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