Light, Hormesis, The Root Of Fatigue, And More By Ari Whitten

Content By: Ari Whitten

Earlier this week, I did a live “Ask Me Anything” Q & A session with the Energy Blueprint community and covered a variety of topics, including the best way to figure out your fatigue root causes (hint: you might be surprised at the answer), how tos on breath-holding, how light affects health, the benefits of hormesis, and much much more. There were so many great questions, that I’ve broken the session into two parts…

Table of Contents

In this first Q & A, I will cover:

  • The conventional (and misguided) approach to treating fatigue
  • How to set up your day for optimal circadian rhythm
  • The importance of hormesis for optimal health
  • The best way to overcome afternoon and evening energy crashes
  • Why young people can get chronic fatigue
  • The powerful steps you can take to heal a traumatic brain injury

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