The RTN approach to optimizing your metabolism, health and energy with Josh Rubin

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In this episode, I am speaking with Josh Rubin—founder of East West Healing and expert in helping people improve their thyroid and metabolic health. We’ll be discussing the Restoration Thyroid Nutrition (RTN) approach to optimize your metabolism, health, and energy.

In this podcast, Josh Rubin will cover

  • The R.T.N. approach to nutrition
  • Why Josh doesn’t like fasting
  • The R.T.N. approach to stress

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The R.T.N. Approach To Optimizing Your Metabolism, Health And Energy with Josh Rubin – Show Notes

The R.T.N. Approach – Creating Health vs Chasing Symptoms (04:19)
The R.T.N. approach to Nutrition (13:48)
The R.T.N. approach to blood sugar fluctuations (32:21)
The R.T.N. approach to exercise (37:52)
Why people get caught up in the different approaches to diets (42:15)
The R.T.N. approach to fasting (46:53)
The R.T.N. approach to breathing (49:55)



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