How Vibration And Frequency Affect Your Energy with Robyn Openshaw

Content By: Ari Whitten & Robyn Openshaw

Did you know that everything on this planet — including YOU — has its own vibration and frequency?

What if these vibrational frequencies matter to our health and energy?

This week, I have a fun and provocative podcast with Robyn Openshaw who shares her expertise on how you by making simple adjustments in your can raise your vibration and frequency to increase your energy. She’s challenging conventional wisdom on things from diet to psychological health, and I think you’ll be shocked (in a good way) at some of the things she has to say.

What if it’s not calories that matter so much to your health, but the vibrational frequencies of the foods you eat?

What if you could better your life and raise your energy by paying attention to the vibrational resonance of your different thoughts and emotions?

Robyn says that it’s time that we radically change the way we think about how we eat and live for good health and energy — she makes the case that we need to stop thinking in outdated paradigms and start focusing on vibration and frequency as the crux of good health and energy.

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Click below to check out the podcast and see if Robyn’s message “vibes” with you. 🙂

In this podcast, you’ll learn

  • How everything has its own vibration and frequency
  • How you can help raise or lower the energy and vibration of another person
  • How you can measure the health of a human being in Hertz
  • How whole foods has a higher vibration than processed foods
  • How you can raise your own vibration and energy levels

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How Vibration And Frequency Affect Your Energy – Transcript

Ari Whitten: Hey everyone. Welcome back, and in this interview, I want to introduce you all to Robyn Openshaw. Robyn is the author of 15 books including bestsellers “The Green Smoothie Diet” and “12 Steps to Whole Foods.” Her latest book “Vibe: Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love, and Success” will be released by Simon & Schuster in October 2017.

She is a former psychotherapist, university professor, and lectured in over 450 cities, Jesus, in the six years after launching her popular site in 2007. She’s a single mom to four children, who are now flying the coop. She skis and plays tennis competitively in Utah and believes that everything is possible if you leverage the highest frequencies in the universe.

You can find her podcast, “Your High Vibration Life,” on iTunes. Also, look for “Green Smoothie Girl” on Facebook and visit her website

Welcome, Robyn. Thank you so much for joining me.

Robyn Openshaw: It’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me, Ari.

Ari Whitten: Yeah. It’s a pleasure, and on a more personal note, it was great to connect with you at Mindshare just, what was it, a week or two ago?

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, it was fun.

Ari Whitten: It was nice to actually hang out with you in person.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah.

Ari Whitten: Yeah. Let’s get into it. You’re all about vibration. Can you tell us a little about what does that actually mean? What is vibration and what’s the significance of it?

Robyn Openshaw: Well if I go back and tell you just a teeny bit of my personal story it’ll probably help. I actually fixed a lot of issues in my family by discovering whole foods as a lifestyle about 24 years ago.

I had a really, really sick baby 23 years ago. He was a year old, he was a failure to thrive. He had fallen below the fifth percentile for weight.

I was, I had an extra 50 pounds on me and I had all kinds of autoimmune issues. Four of them. I was on a bunch of drugs.

He had been on five courses of liquid steroids, because he was in and out of the hospital, emergency rooms. He was a nine-pound baby when he was born, but a year later, he had fallen below the fifth percentile for weight.

I discovered when I hit a wall in western medicine and they said, “We’ve given him everything we have.” He’s 15 months old. They called it failure to thrive. He was constantly in emergency rooms and doctors offices and hospitalizations.

I was up all night with him. I was having panic attacks, I was on anxiety drugs like life was bad, it was bad. When they told me, “We’ve done everything that we have to do for him. All we’re going to do is give him more steroids and give him more bronchodilators, and give him more antibiotics, that’s all we have.” I went home, and I had a little come to Jesus with myself and I said, “I’ve got to figure this out myself. There’s got to be more than this,” because the drugs here, the treatments are as bad as the disease.

It was the drugs that caused him to not eat and fall below the fifth percentile for weight. I started discovering how I could get my son to eat whole foods. We threw away the dairy, all the processed sugar, the flour, the processed meats like we just got rid of it all overnight.

Never bought it again.

I started blending stuff up in my blender, and I discovered an early version of the green smoothie. I mean, nobody knew what a green smoothie was back then, this is 23 years ago.

I was throwing sprouts and spinach in the blender. This was before you could go to Costco and buy bags of organic spinach. I started growing it. We had such a radical health turnaround, like a 180. I ditched 50 pounds, I ditched all 21 diseases, I got off all the drugs.

My son was never on another antibiotic again, he was never on another steroid. We got rid of the gas mask that we had to strap to his face to deliver these bronchodilator drugs every four hours. Stopped being up all night.

It was a miracle, it was an absolute miracle. I became super convinced that eating a lot of unprocessed, whole foods, especially plant foods like greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, it completely changed our lives. I went on to play sports competitively now all the way through my 40s, and that’s not where I was in my 20s when I was … I had been through five years of infertility to even get that kid here.

Ari Whitten: Wow.

Robyn Openshaw: He was a twin, and his twin died. I mean, we had been through hell. We had been through all the infertility tests twice. I had been through multiple miscarriages, atopic pregnancies, like on and on and on. We turned the corner.

That kid went on to lead his team to the state playoffs in four A baseball. His senior year, he hit two grand slams in the finals. He pitched a shutout in the finals. He was named most valuable player. Led the state of Utah in RBIs for the whole year, and he’s 6’3″.

This is not a failure to thrive baby. This is not the outcome for a failure to thrive, baby, that you keep feeding dairy products full of hormones and antibiotics and steroids. What we discovered is so exciting, I put up 10 years ago just to talk about this amazing journey.

I mean he hadn’t even done that yet. He hadn’t even had this amazing like two grand slams outcome. It was so exciting. I also ditched the 50 pounds. I ended up speaking in 450 cities on this topic.

Here’s the thing. We turned the corner, we had this amazing outcome, and for the last 10 years, it’s accidentally become my career to just go out there and teach people how to eat more whole foods, how to do it so it’s cheap, and how to do it so it’s easy, and how to do it so that it’s delicious and your kids will even eat it.

Then I tripped on, I tripped on this thing, so to your question, I tripped on Einstein’s quote, “Everything in life is vibration.” Kind of like wait, why don’t I know this? Why don’t I know that everything in life is vibration? What does that even mean? This was years later, and I felt like the way that we valuate our food choices, because industry has taught us to evaluate our food choices in terms of calories, and in terms of grams of proteins, fats and carbs.

I was starting to feel, I was energetically starting to feel … Okay, now we’re talking the talk of vibes here, but I’m feeling like there’s just something missing in some construct that is so much more powerful than counting calories or worrying about how many grams of protein that we eat.

What vibration and frequency really is

I tripped on this quote by Einstein, “Everything in life is vibration.” A few days later, I tripped on, probably not by accident, a quote by Nikola Tesla who, one of my heroes. He said, “If you want the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

I know you’re a Tesla geek too. If you have energy, you can’t, you can’t be missing Nikola Tesla. I mean this guy was 20 years old, right? When most kids are just out partying in college these days, this kid was in Europe trying to figure out a way to come to North America so that he could channel Niagara Falls for human energy.

Ari Whitten: Just a typical 20-year-old.

Robyn Openshaw: “Yeah, well maybe just in-between these studies,” and whatever. Somehow, he managed to make that happen. He got robbed on the boat, he shows up on the East Coast of America with two pennies in his pocket and a letter of someone there introducing him to Thomas Edison. He works with Thomas Edison for a few years. Thomas Edison made him a big bold promise. If he solves this unsolvable problem, then he’ll pay him $10,000, and so Tesla just geeks out and works 18 hours a day.

He actually solved the problem, and he goes to Edison and says, “Here’s the solution.” It’s this massive equation, and Edison was like, “Oh, I guess you don’t understand our American humor. I don’t have $10,000.” They have a big fight, and they fought over alternating current versus direct current for years, very publicly.

The point is, he did what he said he was going to do. He actually channeled Niagara for energy 10 years later.

What has evolved since then, this whole field of quantum physics? I don’t think we were ready for it in the time of Einstein and Tesla. They were so ahead of their time. Neither one of them really made a lot of money from their discoveries, but now fast forward, we’re now ready to understand what it means that the secrets of the universe are found in energy, frequency, and vibration, and apply it to whether we’re healthy and whether we’re happy.

My book, “Vibe,” is me taking all these discoveries about whole foods … I’m a psychotherapist by background, and so I really also care about how we help people turn the corner when they’re in depression or anxiety or relationship problems.

What I discovered is it all sort of converges when we understand these secrets of the universe, which is everything is in motion, everything is oscillating. We are always in motion, but when we live at those higher frequencies, we are more disease proof, we are detoxifying at a higher rate.

Because you and I know, people live in so much toxicity, what, over 8,000 toxic chemicals approved for use in our food and our environment. We get into these slow states and these high-frequency emotions of gratitude and joy and excitement about our work and high productivity. We’re able to love better, we’re able to serve better.

All that starts foundationally with the food piece, but there’s more, and so energetic frequency applies to literally everything. I mean you and I could … You tell me where you want to go. We can talk about food, we can talk about …

Ari Whitten: I was going to say, there’s so much packed into what you just said, but one thing I want to mention on the subject of food is on the one hand, this is kind of a radical idea, and on the other hand, I think we all know just on a common sense level, that like a cookie in a package with refined flour and refined sugar and just dead flour that’s been sitting there for years with whatever else is in that cookie, it is not …

Even though it may have a certain amount of protein, and a certain amount of grams of protein and carbs and fats, it’s not the equivalent of whole, unprocessed foods that have that same macronutrient breakdown of protein and carbs and fats and even fiber or whatever.

I think we all know just on a common sense level that it’s not the same, yet we don’t really have the scientific framework to kind of articulate why that is. There have been various theories as to why it is like some have to do with the photonic energy, people have tried to talk about that. I’ve read something called the live microRNA hypothesis of eating live foods, and there are all these ideas out here.

I love that you’re broaching this territory of really just trying to make sense of why these things are not the same, and why one tends to lead to really poor health, and one tends to lead to really good health, so yeah, so …

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, and those, like if you look at the old physics, Newton’s physics and Einstein and Tesla said that your quantum physics, where everything is energies and we are, atoms are exchanging electrons with other beings, you and I are exchanging energies right now, but we’re exchanging energies with people who might be a thousand miles from us or all the way across the globe.

Quantum physics has proven some amazing things, but basically, we can move into the quantum era. We can apply these principles of quantum physics, and I can talk about like maybe my one or two favorite principles of quantum physics that apply to what foods we’re choosing and what we’re doing with our emotional states if you want.

I can even tell you, like the energetic frequencies of a healthy human being, and I can tell you some different substances, both medicinal and food, that help you understand the impact.

If you look at food, emotional states, what we’re doing with our thoughts during the day, during our idle time, when we’re in the shower or we’re driving, if you look at medicinal substances that we’re treating our systems with. If you look at them in a quantum way, vibrational frequency is really so much more powerful of a construct than this old counting calories thing, that’s so 1961.

What quantum physics have to do with the food that we eat

Ari Whitten: Talk to me more about that. What does quantum physics have to do with the food we eat?

Robyn Openshaw: Well, in the book I go through five principles of quantum physics, but let me just focus on this one, because I think this one is very, very exciting. In fact, if you’re listening to this, write this down. Because I’ll tell you maybe two things that you should write down because this is going to sound simple, because you might think, “Oh, quantum physics, I can’t understand that. That’s like something that physicists should study, not me.” No, no, no, this is easy.

Here it is, write this down. A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase.

Okay, so a substance could be you. You are an organization of energies, or me. It could be a synthetic drug or vitamin. It could be spinach. It could be anything. It could be … There’s a vibrational energy to the chair I’m sitting on. This is measurable, and we could talk about all the different ways that people have measured energetic frequency.

It’s not super standardized. We can measure it in biophotonic emissions, and I can start telling you numbers about that, and it won’t make any sense to you, so we will leave that one. We could talk about gas chromatography and you’ll be like, “That doesn’t mean anything to me.” We’ll leave that one, but in high school physics, we all studied electrical systems measured in hertz, right?

Let’s talk about the measurements of Bruce Tainio. I like to talk about his stuff because he actually was measuring things like a healthy human being and a sick human being.

A human being with end stage cancer, vegetables, meat products, essential oils, synthetic drugs, these are super practical things, so let’s talk about that for a minute.

He was measuring things in hertz, and we understand that unit of measurement, so I like to go there first because this is really simple. You wrote down, hopefully, this principle of quantum physics which is, a substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase.

What’s so exciting about that, Ari is that we live in an age where we’re energy exchanging in ways that nobody in the history of mankind has ever done. Like what we’re doing right now, right? These are little data bits going across wires right now. We’re energy exchanging and you are energy exchanging because you have this powerful platform where you talk to people about energy, and you’re talking to potentially thousands of people.

You are either raising their vibrational frequency as you talk to them, because that’s a form of energy exchange, or lowering it. Your substance of a higher frequency has a potential to raise other people’s frequencies. That’s really, really exciting if you think about it. If you wrote down that principle of physics, let’s write down this number right here.

How everything – including your health – can be measured in hertz

A healthy human being, Bruce Tainio out of University of Washington who did these measurements. He’s deceased now, but he measured lots of people, who as far as I know are healthy, and they measured between 62 and 68 hertz.

Now, 62 to 68 hertz of energy, so hopefully you wrote that down. Let’s talk about some other substances. Because if the substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase, the correlate of that is through Q, so we can either lower or increase, and so you have this incredible power by getting to talk to people in your podcast. That’s amazing, and so like what’s your responsibility? We could go to that, and we can talk about food, but we could also talk about what your responsibility is when you are engaging with other human beings. You can drive their frequencies down 10 hertz in two minutes of conversation.

Ari Whitten: Yeah, and I think we’ve all certainly experienced those energy vampires.

Robyn Openshaw: Yes, but you also have the power to inspire and provoke change and get people into higher frequency states. I mean, love, gratitude, joy, flow in our work, these are the grounded frequencies. These are the flow states. These are where we are not wildly fluctuating and they’re where they’re high. That’s probably the biggest thing, we want to be in the high frequencies. The low frequencies, we already know this, we already know how they feel. I’ll just give you guys all a second as you’re listening to this to think of what you think the low-frequency emotions are.

All right, here’s what they are because you can measure what happens when you take a person into these states. The HeartMath Institute has done some amazing work where they can actually put people into these … Have them sit there and think about something that makes them very angry, so obviously, anger, fear, anxiety, shame, these are really low vibration emotions.

If you and I, Ari, right now, we were sitting in the same room, so we’re in each other’s energy field just by literally, by physical proximity so think back to that first example of quantum physics. We’re in the same room, so we’re not talking, and we’re not looking at each other. I’m hooked up to an ECG and you’re hooked up to an EEG, so they’re measuring your brainwaves and they’re measuring my heart waves.

As I go into a state of gratitude or love, and I am emanating that, your brainwaves pick it up, and we’re not looking at each other, and we’re not talking to each other. You know how when you and I were at this conference, and I told you this like I sought you out.

You and our friend Susan, because there were all these jangled energies, and I was in this big room full of everybody’s cell phones, which by the way, is a really great way to lower your frequency is be around your WiFi and have that in your energy field.

If you’re going to have your phone in your energy field, please turn off the WiFi. Put it on airplane mode so it’s not pinging you with low frequencies and chaotic frequencies. That’s just not conducive to living a higher vibration life.

Anyway, okay, from 62 to 68 hertz of energy is where a healthy human lives. Now a genius human brain, they’ve measured in the 80s, so higher optimal functioning is associated with higher frequencies as well, those energies-

Ari Whitten: I’m curious if you like have a device where you covertly test people that you’re around.

Robyn Openshaw: Step two, step two. I bring this book to public consciousness, and step two is I want a Fitbit, I want a Fitbit. Because you and I talk about … I want to, to go back to why did I seek out you and our friend Susan Peirce Thompson to have-

Ari Whitten: Obviously because I have phenomenal energy. Hello.

Robyn Openshaw: Bam, right there. That’s what I’m talking about.

Ari Whitten: Thank you. Of course, the feeling was mutual.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, and it was very grounding for me, and I told you guys that a couple times. I was like, “This is what I needed.” Because I’m in this big room with everybody talking to everybody, and I’m having two and a half minute conversations with people, and getting to just sit, and Susan’s drinking her cup of tea, and I am having my granola and piece of fruit. Just having a grounded, in-depth conversation can be calming, and exciting. Because we talked about things that are exciting, and groundbreaking and conceptual, and that affect our quality of life, right? It was just a great conversation.

Ari Whitten: We reached a consensus on green smoothies. That they’re good for you.

Robyn Openshaw: You were like brokering that because she lived in the food addict world and she has not been a fan of green smoothies, and I was saying, “Hey, give green smoothies a chance. They really …” You were like, “Well, let me help you to …” It was lovely. It was a lovely conversation. I loved it.

Ari Whitten: What about the … Let’s talk a little bit more about some of the specifics around nutrition and vibrations. Have people measured some of these different foods?

Robyn Openshaw: Yep.

Ari Whitten: What were those measurements and what does that mean as far as relevance for human health?

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, I’m glad you asked that because I just started to touch on it, that a healthy human, 62 to 68 megahertz … If you don’t drink alcohol and your liver is really clean you might have liver that’s resonating at high frequencies or vibrating at high frequencies.

You might have a genius brain in the 80s. A person who is very near death could be as low as 25 Hertz. People with candida overgrowth, he measured at 50 something megahertz. Epstein-Barr, a little bit lower than that. As you see progressive disease state and more chronic disease, and more years spent in disease states, you see lower and lower energies.

To your question, a glass of green juice is about 75 hertz of energy, so I know you’re doing this interview, so you didn’t write down that little principle that-

Ari Whitten: No, I got it, 62 to 68 for a healthy human.

Robyn Openshaw: Ding, ding.

Ari Whitten: I’m with you.

Robyn Openshaw: I drink, you drink a glass of green juice, what’s the effect here? What are you getting from this?

Ari Whitten: High vibrations dragging it up.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah. Yeah, so that’s an example of the power of our foods on our energies. We don’t have to talk about principles of quantum physics to know when we drink a glass of green juice, we feel amazing. It could be a green juice, it could be a green smoothie. You could eat a big giant platter of salad, I don’t care how you do it, but greens have the highest electromagnetic frequencies.

If we’re going to set the calories aside, and we’re going to move from 1961 into 2017 or we’re going to talk about the energetics of food, how much light they’re emitting, what the hertz of energies are that we’re then absorbing, and it’s raising our frequencies. We’ve got to look at greens. We got to look at greens and vegetables, and almost everybody is deficient in them.

Okay, now I’m going to say something to you that is going to make people think that I’m trying to make them a vegetarian and a vegan but remember, this isn’t my science and I actually don’t … I’m just going to qualify this by saying I really don’t actually care if anybody’s a vegetarian or vegan, and I don’t really enjoy the labeling, the file foldering that we do to put like diets on people. You already know my philosophy on that.

Ari Whitten: Yeah.

Robyn Openshaw: What do you think the hertz of energy is of chicken, beef, pork, and fish?

Ari Whitten: Well, I would be cheating if I answered this question because I already know the answer since I heard you speak from stage just a couple of weeks ago, but …

Robyn Openshaw: You remember that?

Ari Whitten: Of course I remember, yeah. I have a little bit, well you’re my friend, so of course, I remember. I put a little special emphasis to remember the things you said, but you tell everyone. I don’t want to cheat here.

Robyn Openshaw: No, I want to know if you remember.

Ari Whitten: Oh, you’re going to test me. I believe what you said, and this is a good test to see how good of a friend I am. I believe you said pork was two hertz.

Robyn Openshaw: Oh my goodness. Not only do you remember that it’s two hertz, but you actually remember the specific example I gave, which is the pork ribs.

Ari Whitten: He nails it, folks, yes.

Robyn Openshaw: You’re right. The point is really not, don’t ever eat animal protein again, because you may have other reasons why you want to eat animal protein. I don’t want this really amazing principle to get co-opted by a paleo versus vegan argument, because the point is, eat more plant. The point is, you eat low on the food chain, which is good for the planet anyway, and you know you feel good when you eat more vegetables. That’s my point.

Whether you’re going to be a vegetarian or not, I really don’t care, but we already know, we already know from the meta-studies that we’re all deficient, almost all of us are deficient in fiber and micronutrients, okay. Those are Newton’s principles, sort of.

The quantum corollary to that is we’re also deficient in high electromagnetic frequencies, and you get them from the same foods that give you more fiber and more micronutrients. What I take from assessing the data is eat more greens, eat more vegetables. Those first two classes couldn’t be more important. That’s what, it leads to the green smoothie. It leads to eating more salad, or however, you like to eat your vegetables, do more of it.

What the common consensus in most major dietary lifestyles is

Ari Whitten: Yeah absolutely. Just, I want to mention one point, which is as far as how all of these ideas mesh with the scientific data. The one consensus among all these different dietary ideologies, everything from paleo to the Mediterranean diet, to the DASH diet, to the South Beach diet, to vegan, high carb, low fat, to keto, super low carb, high fat, the one thing that I think we can pretty much universally agree upon, maybe the only thing, is unprocess your diet, and more plant foods, which in turn will raise your vibration.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah.

Ari Whitten: Those are really the undebatable principles of nutrition that we know are, that is, that will reliably move you towards health and away from disease. Then, on the subject of green juices, this is an interesting area because we really don’t, there’s not that much science on it as far as human health outcomes, but we have an amazing number of anecdotes. I mean going back decades. I mean the Gerson Therapy anti-cancer clinics have been doing this stuff. My grandma did this back in I think the 70s or 80s, she was going to one of these clinics.

Robyn Openshaw: Mine did too, and she beat deadly metastatic, 95 percent fatal cancer, and she lived another 25 years, and she was there for all my children to be born, and was an important part of my life for far more years than they predicted. They gave her a year to live, and she said no to chemo and radiation and she did that, so yeah, you know the Gerson protocol too and-

Ari Whitten: Yeah, yeah, and my grandma was given six weeks to live.

Robyn Openshaw: Wow.

Ari Whitten: She lived six years after that, and actually didn’t die of cancer. Side note, she died of getting bit by a brown recluse spider, but she was cured of that cancer. She never had cancer again after going to the clinic. Now, there’s obviously lots of variables at play here, but green juicing has a track record of just an amazing number of anecdotes of people saying it healed them, it cured them. I think what you’re getting at is maybe an explanation for why we have so many people saying this stuff really works.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, because there are debates out there about, I think Otto Warburg discovered that sugar is the food of cancer. Maybe he won a Nobel Prize for it, and so then people say, well, people in the Gerson Clinic, because there’s still Gerson Clinics, and they’re still taking thousands of patients and people are still doing the Gerson protocol, although cancers have gotten a lot more deadly, and they’ve had to add more treatments to the original protocol because the Gerson protocol started like 100 years ago.

Anyway, yeah. There is so much more to it, but people say, well the Gerson protocol actually has apples, there’s actually sugars in that protocol, why doesn’t that feed cancer? Why is it so many people, there are like tens of thousands of people have walked away from cancer after total immersion in the Gerson therapy, which is more than just juicing, it’s not just juicing.

They have other parts to the protocol to starve out the cancer. Com completely oxygenate the body, because cancer hates oxygen. Alkalize the body, because cancer thrives in an acidic climate. Starve the body of any processed sugar, but you know what? There was apple juice, and they did drink it. My grandmother did, and I’m sure your grandmother did, and people still get well. Obviously, there’s a difference between the sugar that comes from a green apple and the sugar that’s in a Sprite.

Ari Whitten: Again, as far as it exists, the current state of the science, we really don’t have a great way of explaining why that is. Why there’s a difference in the effects of refined, processed sugar versus sugar that is consumed in the form of whole fruit.

What we do have is like actual human health studies that show hey, refined sugar consumption is linked with so-and-so diseases and obesity and so on, and then fruit consumption is not linked to those things, and is in fact linked with the opposite, but no one, even though we have those studies, I think we really don’t have an adequate paradigm or scientific framework to explain the mechanisms behind that, why that is. I think what you’re getting at is one way of that kind of makes sense of that.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah.

How vibration and frequency relates to psychology

Ari Whitten: Yeah, so let’s get beyond nutrition, Let’s talk about emotions and human psychology. I guess, what does that landscape look like, of how this concept of vibration relates to the world outside of nutrition?

Robyn Openshaw: There’s so much to that, that’s why I wrote a book on it. There’s so much that we could cover, but I think all of our goals are to if we can frame it in this energetic construct, all of our goals are to live a higher vibration life and help other people do the same. That’s certainly my goal. I used to say my goal was to be healthier and happier and help other people be healthier and happier. Then when I discovered that everything in life is energy, I now think of everything … I wish that when I was in grad school …

You’re about to finish a Ph.D. in clinical psych, I didn’t finish my Ph.D. in clinical psych, but I did practice as a psychotherapist in the prisons, in a state hospital, in a half way house, at a state hospital helping people out of their relationship struggles, out of their low points of their life. I wish I had understood at the time that I was practicing as a therapist that emotions are just energies in motion and that helping people get unstuck energetically is key to getting out of that irrational obsession with the past that is depression, and this irrational obsession with the future that is anxiety.

Helping them get free of toxic relationships, whether it’s solving the negative vibration in their ways of communicating with each other, or just getting free of someone. Sometimes that’s the right answer when someone isn’t willing to go with you to live in healthier frequencies, then opting out of relationships can be helpful.

I wish I had understood all these higher principles back then, but none of my constructs would have given me that. None of my Gestalts and Freudian, Jungian behaviorism, none of that would have helped me here, but understanding energies and how they get stuck. I mean energies get stuck and literally trapped in proteins, in a toxic emotional state, just like things get stuck physically in a toxic physical state in the body. I mean obviously, we don’t want our 30 feet of gastrointestinal tract to get stopped up, or we’re going to be dead pretty soon or have colon cancer or something very dire.

I take you through, in the book I take you through a 90-second process where you’re asking yourself a series of questions, and I can do this really, really quickly now. To identify when I’m stuck, some kind of stimulus, some kind of action, and I have this state in-between action and reaction where I can choose to go into lizard brain, into limbic brain, but we therapists like to call it lizard brain, right?

I can act from just a safety fight or flight, you’re always scanning the horizon for safety, or I can operate from my prefrontal cortex, where I am far more likely to live in compassion, and I’m far more likely to think about your needs before mine or at the same time as mine, where I am more consequence oriented, where I can choose out of the black and white thinking of the limbic brain every time we interact with someone and they’re doing something negative.

I think in the book I use a couple of different examples, but a really obvious one is we’re in traffic and someone cuts us off and then flips us off. We have a choice, and if we take the obvious default lizard brain mode, we’re going to be putting negative vibrations into our community, into our family. We’re going to take it home, you’re going to dump it on your girlfriend. She’s going to process it with you, and you’re all going to be sort of got this jangled energy, or you could do something completely different.

There are stories I tell in my high vibration course and in the book too to just get people started sort of at a beginner level and an advanced level, where we are opting out of negative energies really quickly. It’s not Pollyanna, we’re not, I mean we’re not on the Good Ship Lollipop here where, “I can’t hear anything bad, la, la, la, la, la.” It’s not that, it’s that we identify the negative emotion, we metabolize it. We understand that we have to metabolize emotions just like we have to metabolize food. Different processes, same concept.

We can get those energies moving, and then move through and the negative go in the rearview mirror and we have a learning opportunity. Because when something negative happens, there’s always something to extract from it. IT’s there to teach you something, and the faster you can figure out what that is, and then put all that other negative ju-ju in the rearview mirror, the more we’re able to move forward in grace and then be at high frequencies where we’re in love, joy, peace instead of anger, shame, depression, low vibes.

How you can break instinctual reactions and raise your vibration

Ari Whitten: Yeah, so on that same … You gave the example of like someone cutting you off on the freeway, and you, having that instinctual reptilian brain response of like, “I’m going to go tailgate this guy and flip him off,” and get back at him in that way. How does one actually change that? How does one disrupt that reflexive response and become more conscious in that moment, and break that reflex, and then choose to enter more high vibration patterns?

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, so when there’s a negative event, I’m not talking about that you can solve your childhood of sexual abuse in 90 seconds. I’m talking about when you get triggered by someone, or when it comes up for you, how you can interrupt that. In 90 seconds, I’ve gotten really fast at it, where I no longer go into the limbic brain. I go into a smoother frequency where I can resolve the problem and I can identify it and I can realize, “Oh, this person is flipping me off in traffic.” What is this really? What this is is fear. I’m actually afraid for my safety. I just swerved, and my son is in the backseat, and I’ll protect him with my life, and we both, I feel like I’m unable to feel safe here, that’s what it is.

Like below anger, there’s like anger’s just a surface emotion. “I’m scared, I’m afraid.” When we go into that horrible vulnerable state, then we can get a lot more honest with ourselves a lot faster. Then we just go just through a series of questions of, “What’s in this here for me?” Well, one is I need to brake really fast. I need to maybe get further away from this driver because he maybe had a really bad day and might represent a threat to my family’s safety, who I have in my car.

You just go through this process of metabolizing what’s really going on here, what’s the underlying emotion? Because usually in a communication pattern that’s negative or an event that’s negative and the chain reaction of our emotions, there’s something else going on below the surface. So many times too, two people are talking at each other, and they’re not even talking about what the real thing is. You know this because you’re studying to be a psychotherapist yourself, like something you’re really close to there. Then it’s having the awareness of what it is that you’re really dealing with, and then asking your questions about …

Give yourself permission to go to limbic brain if you want. I mean, if you want to scream at the guy through the windshield, you see the guy screaming at you and he’s giving you an obscene gesture, you can do that. That’s lizard brain, “Okay, I just operated from lizard brain.” You can also ask yourself, “What else? What else?” There is a space between action and reaction where you shift into neutral and you can choose a completely different response.

If I’m going to tell you something, this is going to sound really crazy, but I’ve done this a number of times because I’m not the world’s best driver. I’m probably sort of lucky that I’m still alive because I make lots of driving errors. Part of the reason why I don’t get angry at other drivers is that my prefrontal lobe tells me I’ve made errors on the road too, and so I don’t really want to act with rage towards this person who made a driving error, because I’ve made driving errors, and I bet they didn’t do it on purpose.

I shift into neutral. It’s important to me because I don’t want the cortisol spike, I don’t want the high blood pressure. I don’t want the taxing of my autonomic response system. It’s unhealthy for me, it’s unhealthy for my son in the backseat, it’s bad modeling for him. I want to do something better, so you’re giving yourself permission to choose something different. I like to start with, what’s the opposite? What’s the opposite of this?

I actually have a blog post, probably our most popular blog post of the last 10 years, where I go through a story of something that happened to me in the Long Beach Airport, something where I just did the complete opposite of what lizard brain told me to do. It’s oh, you gave yourself permission to choose something very different, and it’s super empowering, it’s super high vibration.

Here’s the crazy thing. When someone flips me off in traffic, it’s a little bit of a personal challenge, but it’s also fun and empowering. I smile and I wave like they’re my long lost best friend I haven’t seen in a long time. What happens is that person is completely defused, and they’re going to be really humbled by it. I’m not doing it to school them or to humble them, I’m doing it because I’m choosing into higher vibrations. I don’t want that person to hijack my day.

Ari Whitten: Yeah.

Robyn Openshaw: It’s very self, it’s self-serving. I’m not saying I’m the perfect, living all the Buddhist principles here. It’s just that I’m really clear on what my goal is, and my goal is live in high frequencies, and that isn’t that, right?

Ari Whitten: Mm-hmm. Yeah, absolutely. It’s an interesting concept because we’re talking about taking a cue, something that happens to you, which would normally trigger some kind of reflexive response that ends up being very harmful to yourself, and we’re talking about learning through a practice, to allow that too to then trigger something that actually is helpful to yourself.

Robyn Openshaw: It’s a practice, it’s a practice. It’s one of a number of mindfulness practices that we introduce people to in the book because it’s not a one-time thing. It’s that, you know what? Stupid shit happens to everybody and we get to choose how we react, and we get to choose how long we’re going to stay in the negative emotion. Of course, we all have negative emotions. Like I said, I’m not Pollyanna. I might even process something negative that’s happened to me with other people, but my goal is, if I tell you something crappy that happened to me, Ari, there’s going to be a purpose to it.

If I’m living in my goal of living a high vibration life and helping you do the same, then if I talk to you about something really sad and hard that happened to me, it’s going to be with a purpose so that I can share with you what I learned from that, why my life is better because of that. What you could maybe learn from me, so you don’t have to go through such a hard thing. That kind of thing.

Ari Whitten: Right.

Robyn Openshaw: It’s not that we only talk about happy, sunshiney, licking lollipops and rainbows and unicorns.

Ari Whitten: It’s that if you do bring up something that’s more negative, it has some purpose of at least resulting in something positive.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah.

How to identify if you are a high or a low vibration person

Ari Whitten: Yeah, so how does one tell if they are more of a high vibration or low vibration person?

Robyn Openshaw: In the book, we have a chart of the high-frequency emotions and the low-frequency emotions, and vibration, and they all have a word attached to them that we kind of have a common meaning around. We have you actually numerically rate how often you experience these states and then identify which ones you’re really deficient in. When you’re meditating you’re releasing, you’re releasing those negative frequencies. You’re getting very clear about when you experience them and what to do with them.

There is a number of tools we have to help you figure out how high or low you are. We actually had a quiz on this, that we just checked it out. We shared with our Facebook audience and they got mad if they got low scores, so we’re not doing a quiz on Facebook anymore to help people understand like how high their vibe is because nobody wants any bad news. What we can do, what we do in the book now is we help people identify …

We actually do have a quiz, but it shows you all of the different areas of your life that you can go through an assessment, a 14 question assessment. Then if you’re not as high as you want to be, then you can see the areas to work on because food is one of them.

You might be like, “I know somebody who’s happy and positive and has wonderful relationships and an incredible career, and they just eat out of the drive-through and drink soda all day long.” When somebody says something like that to me, I always think, “Yeah, but what would they be accomplishing and who would they be if they ate high vibration foods?” Right?

Ari Whitten: Yeah, absolutely.

Robyn Openshaw: Or maybe you have a super clean diet, so maybe we’ve got some work to do to help clean up your emotional energies, or the way you communicate and the way that you use words. We go through a word detox. There’s a lot of different things that we can go through to help people out of their energetic funk.

How to increase your frequency and vibration

Ari Whitten: Yeah, so we talked a little bit about kind of like an isolated incident, let’s say, like someone cutting you off on the freeway and kind of interrupting that pattern. What if someone is in like a constant state of depression, anxiety of some of these low vibration emotional states. Where do they start kind of to make progress in their life?

Robyn Openshaw: That’s so individual, that’s so individual. They’re going to read the book and they’re going to see areas where they just know intuitively, “That’s a place I can start.” This is actually an old Newtonian principle of physics, that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. You’ve heard this before.

Ari Whitten: Mm-hmm.

Robyn Openshaw: When you put something into play, you get movement. Doing the first thing, whatever first thing resonates with you and you go, “Oh my gosh, I need that” or “Oh my gosh, that would be easy, and I’ve been wanting to do that anyway” or “I know that that’s the one that I need.” One of those things, pick one, pick one. Because the steps that I then want to put you through, because we’re addressing literally everything I know to raise your frequency, whether it’s one hertz or 10 hertz. As you put one into motion, the second one’s easier. Because bodies in motion stay in motion, tend to stay in motion, and so put one into play, whatever one resonates with you because I trust your intuition.

Your intuition is powerful. The things that you know, and you just know that you know, but you don’t know why you know. Are you old enough, Ari, I know you’re not yet 40, but between 40 and 50 is when I started to realize that the things my gut has been telling me, my intuition, my energetic understanding, has been as important as all the books that I’ve read. Have you like started to realize how powerful your intuition is?

Ari Whitten: Yes, I have. I would say to some extent, and I tend to even be … I’m such a skeptic and such a science guy that I tend to even be skeptical of some of my own intuitive rumblings. Interestingly enough, as a quick little story, at Mindshare, at the event we were at a couple weeks ago, as I was walking out, I met someone. Someone introduced me to someone else, and the guy was kind of interesting, and I got the sense he was somewhat knowledgeable, but there was this little voice inside me that kind of had a vibe.

Like I was looking at the guy and he felt like a used car salesman to me, that’s the easiest way I can put it. Like he just had that vibe to me that just didn’t, he didn’t come across as authentic and genuine. Sure enough, I later had a very unpleasant interaction with him where he tried to like pitch me on something that I wasn’t interested in.

It just kind of, to use your language, he was not vibing with me very well. It’s just funny in hindsight because I had this clear vision of him like as a used car salesman when I first met him. It was funny to see that play out, like, “Oh, I guess my intuition was right.” Yeah, I’m learning to become more trustful of those.

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, and as you understand energies, and I realize it’s a hard sell for a science guy like you and I love science too. I used to be like, “Show me the double blinded placebo controlled longitudinal study.” Right? I still love science, and I love a meta-study more than I like a single study. I, as an undergraduate, was a research intern and so not just missing any of those things, and quantum physics are very grounded in science, but you might go down a little more woo path.

As we get older, a lot of the things that I’m talking about right now I realize are a hard sell, but they are things that are profoundly powerful once you realize that when you build, for instance, your cells out of higher frequency materials, you’re more attracted to higher frequency foods. People here are just like, “Ah, I don’t like green smoothies. They taste yucky to me.” I’m like, “Well, that’s a starting place. That’s a good awareness, but here, let me help you make a green smoothie that tastes good to you.” Where you are in five years, if you just commit to taking these baby steps is a completely different place.

Because I’ll tell you what, a green juice, no fruit in it, just green juice … My 17-year-old son is the same. He loved the green juice that we get. We have it delivered from a juice place nearby. I know I’m so, so, so lucky, I know I’m lucky. We also make our own green smoothies, but it’s just green. The whole thing is just organic greens. Might be cucumber or celery, kale, celery, kale, chard. We have a little bit of ginger and turmeric in it, and sometimes some lemon juice.

If there’s any fruit in it at all, it’s a little bit of lemon juice because it’s really alkalizing in the body. We feel absolutely amazing when we drink it. We know intuitively that it raises our energies. There are so many reasons why to do these things that are more than getting more fiber in the diet.

Ari Whitten: Beautiful yeah, and I think, just to ground some of that in practical experience, we know that so many people who start to make healthier choices with what they’re eating, at first, even though they’re painful and disgusting, all of a sudden six months, a year later, it’s like, “I actually really like this now.”

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, and I remember where I was going with that was I would not have been attracted to those foods in the beginning when I was eating the standard American diet. It actually, if you’ll go one more woo with me, you go to woo, woo, we started at woo, is that as our cells are built out of higher frequency materials, and we are literally vibrating at even a few hertz higher, is radically different in terms of your productivity in your work.

Here’s another thing, that whole law of attraction thing, like I don’t want to talk law of attraction, because everybody rolls their eyes because that movie “The Secret” 10 years ago, it’s absolutely grounded in principles of quantum physics, that when we are higher vibration, we are attracting more stuff, and you’ve seen that happen. If you think that like whether anybody’s ready to hear this today or not, notice this. That when you are in flow when you are feeling gratitude and love, you start expressing it more.

I already told you about the HeartMath Institute, that what’s happening in my heart is picked up by your brainwaves. There is more, there is more out there that we don’t understand, and it’s really very exciting. We are literally attracting more opportunity, we’re attracting more money, we’re attracting more high-quality people, we’re having higher vibration relationships with people, we have better conversations, you have better sex, you have better everything when we put these practices into play. Just some of them are food practices. Others are we’ve really actually kind of gone sort of deep on that. It’s how we move our emotional energies through, what we’re doing with our thoughts.

My goal next is I’ve learned to temper my speech with cutting or unkind or critical things that I might say about myself or others. What’s starting to happen is that I’m starting to not have the critical or unkind thoughts anymore. That kind of starts getting really cool. That’s my goal, is that I get so precise with my speech and staying in high vibration speech patterns and thought patterns, that I literally don’t have unkind thoughts towards myself or others. How about that?

Ari Whitten: Yeah, that’s a beautiful thing, and I can say that I’ve noticed that same thing myself, as I over the last several years, I’ve really made a conscious effort to minimize any like, when I’m speaking to any other person, to minimize any expression of negativity, whether about myself, about them, about anyone else, just gossiping negatively.

I really feel it has changed my, I guess you could say my vibration or you could say that the neural pathways in the brain as far as, I just find that I don’t have as many negative thoughts anymore. It’s not so much that I’m censoring it all the time, it’s that they’re not coming into my brain. They’re not even entering in my awareness nearly as much as they used to.

Robyn Openshaw: It’s really exciting, and what’s kind of the global principle here is as you start addressing and taking responsibility for the emotional energies or the thought energies that you’re putting out there into your energy field that other people are picking up on, you’re going to be more attracted to healthier foods, or as you eat healthier foods, you’re going to find it way easier to get into a state of gratitude and remember all the amazing things going on in your life.

You’ll feel, you’ll think, “I haven’t experienced anxiety in days or weeks,” Which is a pretty big deal if you’re like me and you grew up … I mean, I grew up, I didn’t sleep. I had anxiety so bad that I would have panic attacks, I was on meds for it, many, many years ago before I started putting these things into play. The crazy thing is, Ari, I have way more stress now. I have way more just in terms of, list out the things, stress. I’ve been through a divorce, I was married for 20 years, I’ve been through a divorce. I’ve raised children to adulthood. I mean, all that all by itself.

Any parent of a teenager or young adult will know, but I’m doing it by myself with four of them. Travel, being a CEO, I have 24 employees. I mean, if you look at it on paper, like the stress is there, but I love my life, and I love my work, and I love other people, and that’s what we’re all looking for. Like just removing all the difficult things in our life, this is your hormesis concept, right? Like we need that for our muscles to grow, we need that for us to grow emotionally too. I’m so grateful for all the hard things that have happened to me.

I’m so grateful that my son was in and out of hospitals that made me change my diet and discover these principles. Biggest blessing in my life ever is those tough, hard things that have happened to me. I wouldn’t wish a divorce after 20 years on anyone, but I learned so much. Now the task is, take those positive energies out into the world. That’s what you’re doing, and that’s why we’re friends. Because I had a resonate frequency with you the minute I met you.

I was like, here’s what happens when you’re at a high vibration, is that other people in the room who are, you know it. You don’t even really have to have, you don’t even have to exchange very many words with them, but in these conferences that you and I go to, everybody wants to do a deal with everybody else and you’re figuring out who you’re going to collaborate with and who you’re not. You’re a very powerful guy, you have a powerful platform, and you’re teaching people about energies, and what you’re teaching people actually has the benefit of being true.

I love how you dig to the bottom of all these concepts, and you’re going to have more and more and more opportunity. You’re young, you’re young, and you’re a dad. Like you have so much to bring to the world right now. If you start to trust that you resonate with people, or that somebody feels like a snake oil salesman to you, and you trust that, that’s … Because you don’t always have a science textbook to go to of, “Should I work with snake oil salesman here?” Our energies bring the right people to us.

Ari Whitten: For sure, yeah. Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate that. It’s been a very cool experience. When I first came up to you, I already knew who you were, and I was pretty sure you had no idea who I was because I’m kind of the new kid on the block.

Robyn Openshaw: I needed it.

Ari Whitten: I came up to you, and I’m like, “Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself,” and you’re like, “Oh, I know who you are.” I was, that’s just, it was really, it was cool to have that experience. I had wanted to meet you, and it was just cool that we were already kind of vibing right off the bat.

Robyn Openshaw: Well, and those words, you use those words “vibing” and “resonating,” and people use those words, and I want them to know what they mean because they mean something real and they mean something powerful.

What you can do now to raise your vibration

Ari Whitten: Yeah. Awesome, so what are, can you give like one, two maybe three if I get greedy, like actionable pieces of strategies or things that someone might do in the next hour or the next day or so to raise their vibration?

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah, I haven’t told you this, Ari, but we’re giving any of your followers who want it a free copy of the $26 hardback book coming out. If they want to chip in the 9.95 shipping and handling.

Ari Whitten: Sweet.

Robyn Openshaw: Not only are we giving, only until it publishes. On the publish, on the publication date of October 31st, 2017, then you can just go get it on Amazon if you want. You can go to, is it okay if we have them go to the

Ari Whitten: Yeah, let’s do that.

Robyn Openshaw: Okay. Okay, so let’s have them go to the, and if you pre-order the book, since you have to wait for it, this is answering your question believe it or not, chip in on the shipping and handling, and we’ll send you a free copy of the book, as long as we haven’t sold out. I’m buying 500 copies of them. We’re going to send you these three videos, and any one of them just answers your question. Any one of those videos and they’re yours to keep.

These are really cool videos. One of them is, I call them “five in one vibration raising exercises.” One of them is, it’s 10 minutes of yoga flow by my yoga teacher. She does 10 minutes of yoga flow. You’re literally wringing toxins from your spine, but yoga is a great frequency raiser. At the same time that you’re doing this 10 minutes, I have done a voiceover of a gratitude meditation that I wrote that I love, to take you that high frequency, so that’s the second thing you’re doing at the same time.

At the same time, if you can, depending on the weather, go outside and put your feet on the ground. Because the core of the earth is 528 hertz, and it’s very healing for humans. It allows you to discharge these dirty, chaotic energies, these electrons you don’t need, into the ground and pick up antioxidants being in contact with the earth not with your shoes on, but bare feet. I don’t care if it’s sand or grass or dirt.

That’s the third thing, you are charging your battery. We are electrical beings and you’re charging in the sunshine. If there’s any sunshine, that’s going to benefit you as well. While you’re doing these yoga flows, you’re taking 30 deep breaths. You’re oxygenating, these five things all at once. Super powerful, so there is your answer, that’s your actionable. The second one is a Tai Chi exercise, and you’re doing those same things with the Tai Chi, but very powerful for raising your energies and grounding your energies. Then the third one is an energy release exercise by an energy healer friend of mine.

Any one of those three, you’re doing those five things at once. It sounds like simple things, and they might even sound a little bit woo, but I’m telling you, I do one of these things every day. In the middle of the day, I take a break. Sometimes I’m on the phone, sometimes I don’t do the whole thing, but if you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer, if you’re on the phone, go outside and put as much of your body in contact with the earth, and tell me it does not make a difference in your energy.

That’s your answer. Those are some really quick, free, they’re free actionable things you can do to start raising your frequency today.

Ari Whitten: Beautiful. I thought I was getting greedy asking for three tips, and I think you just gave, I think just the first tip alone had five strategies in it, so thank you.

What’s the deal with your new book?  People can get it. We’ll set up a link for them at the, and they just have to cover shipping basically, is that how it works?

Robyn Openshaw: Yeah. They pay 9.95 shipping and handling. That only works through the date that we publish it, so that will be available through October 31st, but on October 31st, you can still go through, and I’m sure we’ll have some great freebies for you, but that free book is only through our publication date. Simon & Schuster releases the book on October 31st.

Those, of those three gifts, the three videos, we also, because you’re going to have to wait a little bit for the book, we also pull out the seven-day detox that’s in the book “Vibe,” and that way you can get it right now. You could start using it and when you eat all plant foods for a week, again, I’m not trying to make you a vegetarian for life, but you’re eating all high vibration plant foods for a week. It’s a great experiment in what eating lots of plant foods actually does. When you clear a bunch of junk out of billions of cells, amazing things happen energetically.

Ari Whitten: Beautiful. Well, thank you so much, Robyn. It was really such a pleasure doing this with you and me, just, I’m a huge fan of your work, have been for a very long time. I’ve been fortunate enough to actually meet you and be friends with you. Just thank you so much for sharing this beautiful message with my audience.

Robyn Openshaw: My pleasure. Thank you, Ari.

Ari Whitten: Yeah, take care.

How Vibration And Frequency Affect Your Energy – Show Notes

What vibration and frequency really is (6:06)
What quantum physics have to do with the food that we eat (13:08)
How everything – including your health – can be measured in hertz (16:00)
What the common consensus in most major dietary lifestyles is (25:45)
How vibration and frequency relates to psychology (30:32)
How you can break instinctual reactions and raise your vibration (36:00)
How to identify if you are a high or a low vibration person (42:36)
How to increase your frequency and vibration (44:48)
What you can do now to raise your vibration (57:40)

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Again, she is giving you all the opportunity to get this book for FREE (it’s normally $26), if you just their shipping fee to send it to you. I’ve had a chance to get a pre-release copy and it’s a amazing book with a beautiful message and practical tools to build your energy, happiness and all around good vibes in your life. 🙂

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Check out the videos that help raise your vibration and frequency.

Check out how you can preorder the Vibe Book.

To learn more about what Robyn does, you can go check out her webpage!


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